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Live Like No One Else

There is a quote from Dave Ramsey that I as a business coach often think about and that is

“If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.”

So what does that mean?

If you want to live your life or obtain things outside what the average human does then you have to do things that the average human does. Pretty straight forward, I’ve been thinking about it even more lately. This Monday business coach Clay Clark took us on a little field trip to our new location that is in the process of being built. The new location is amazing; it is built on 40 acres of land that Clay owns and is surrounded by trees. It’s going to have an outdoor kitchen, a basketball court, and maybe even a paintball course. Now I don’t know about you but there aren’t many people who get the opportunity to work like that or to build their own workspace like that. But you know what? Clay does, because he lives his life like no one else. He gets up previous to 4 AM everyday. He carries his schedule and his to do list with him everywhere. He lives and dies by his schedule, and he doesn’t waste his time with pointless interactions. This way of living has led him to be able to live like no one else. 

I’ve seen what it takes to hit big goals and so I too made a plan to hit my goals. The thing about living like no one else is that you’re not living like those around you. I guarantee you that they will have something to say about it. If I had a dime for every time I’ve been chastised for continuing to work even after my baby was born, I wouldn’t need to work at all as a business coach! I’ve been told that maybe me and my husband should change our goals because they are unrealistic and take too much time. What a wild thing to do, encourage someone to aim lower! So as a business coach I often see similar interaction between my clients and their spouses, family members, and friends. It is my job as their business coach to encourage them to keep going, keep working on hitting those goals no matter what other people say; and to get a new circle of friends, of people that are like minded and aren’t offending if you miss some trivial event. As an entrepreneur it is vital that you have people around you that get it. That get exactly why you are living your life differently than the average human. If I wanted to live an average life I would do what the average person does. I would live for the weekends, hit the snooze button a couple times before finally getting out of bed, I would be at every family event, and I would stay up till 2 AM. However, since I want extraordinary things I need to look to those that are extraordinary and follow their way of living. 

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