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This week at the Thrivetime headquarters we had our weekly all-staff business coach meeting on Monday morning. This is a meeting where we go over wins of the week, burning fires, and housekeeping notes. This week one of our housekeeping notes was to make sure that we are absolutely hitting our deadlines, not one day after, but on the day or even better the day before. It is so important that no matter what happens, no matter what is going on, you hit those deadlines. Every single person always has something going on outside of work, that if allowed, would distract them or even keep them from their work. The key here is to do all of your work in spite of what is going on.


…as soon as you miss a deadline or cancel a meeting, you not only set yourself back but you also create distrust with those around you.


I see this all the time as a business coach, I see the other side of business owners, the side of them that gets sick, or loses a family member, yet they keep working…The successful ones anyway. I have had clients that have never canceled a meeting for anything, and that is how you have success. Even though you are sick, even though you didn’t sleep well, even though there is a family event going on that day, you keep grinding and meeting your deadlines. 

The past few weeks a sickness has been making its way through the office. It has earned the name of “The Thrive Flu”. It has hit almost everyone and it is definitely not a fun time. Yet I have seen everyone power through. And not only power through but do so in excellent spirits, making jokes about the whole endeavor. Sharing medicine and offering to help when possible. Something that may have taken out other people barely phased our office. Deadlines were not missed. Even though everyone had “the Thrive flu”. The reason that is it so important to continue to hit deadlines and make meetings “even though…” is because as soon as you miss a deadline or cancel a meeting you not only set yourself back but you also create distrust with those around you. Specifically if I were to cancel a meeting with one of my clients or forget to do my action items for them, the trust back would automatically drop because I am no longer consistent. 

A great way to make sure this never happens is to always over-deliver. Napoleon Hill says, “Over-deliver and soon you shall be overpaid.” To make this actionable Clay encouraged everyone to always one-up the expectations that are set. For example, if you work on the sales team here at Thrive business coach it is expected that you will make 200 calls per day. So to over-deliver in this scenario you would set it in your head that you had to make 225 calls each day. Whatever you do, do it 100%. So even though there will always be something going on, even though conditions will never be just perfect for you to work, you just have to shut up and get the thing done and get it done on time. 

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Amelia S.

Amelia S. is a business coach for the Thrivetime Show coaching team and is married to SEO jedi Ben S. Don't let her smile fool you...she means business when it comes to growing businesses.

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