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It’s Time to Recalibrate

Quiet time, meditation, meta time, prayer, reflection, whatever you choose to call it, every single human needs time away from the noise. Time to reset your mind and decompress from everyday life. Now before I lose you, this isn’t some woo-woo feelings post it just literally boils down to you need to set time aside for your mind to reset from all the opposition, negativity, anger, sadness, and whatever else you may come across in your day. 


When you take this time to reset you become like a battleship and every day’s inconveniences and frustrations become like little tiny BB’s bouncing off of you.


This is a concept that business coach Clay has always been passionate about. For him it is his meta time. Each day he takes time away from all humans, plans his day and listens to TD Jakes. TD jakes is his way of recalibrating so that whatever happens during that day he will remain sane. For me I am a big fan of hot baths along with my favorite old school R&B Jams. My husband is a fan of taking time to find things that make him laugh; memes, movie clips, or comedians. Each person’s “thing” will be different. When you are not intentional about taking time to recalibrate you will find yourself pissed off and whether you realize it you will end up carrying all the crap from your day around. Clay likes to use the business coach analogy that when you take this time to reset you become like a battleship and every day’s inconveniences and frustrations become like little tiny BB’s bouncing off of you.

Clay used the following analogy several weeks ago when talking to the team about intentionally planning a happy life. He said being intentional with our lives is so vital because life is short and without being intentional your life with by default become the junk drawer. You know the drawer, the one at you house that has loose batteries, tape, the instructions to your crockpot, and that one charger that you’re just not quite sure what it charges. That drawer is not what a good life looks like. Clay used this analogy several weeks ago when talking to the business coach team about intentionally planning a happy life 

This week I had the opportunity to see how implementing this principle greatly benefited one of my clients. He recently expressed that even though he was getting up early he still felt stressed and overwhelmed. When I asked him about the morning routine he mentioned that he had stopped taking time out for meta time. He said it was because he needed that time to work on his days work. I explained to him that it was vital he have that time to plan his day and told him about how important it is to take some time out of your day to reset. The following week on our coaching call I could notice a considerable difference in his tone of voice. I asked him if he had been using his scheduled meta time and or reset time. He told me that he had started incorporating a cardio workout before planning out his day and it had made all the difference.  This week action items were done and plans for the next week were made. Taking the time out of your day to reset may seem counterproductive at first but will, in fact, make all the difference.

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Amelia S. is a business coach for the Thrivetime Show coaching team and is married to SEO jedi Ben S. Don't let her smile fool you...she means business when it comes to growing businesses.

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