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Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

 A long time ago in a galaxy far far away (just kidding it was earth), some caveman invented the wheel. An object that greatly impacted the quality of his life and subsequently the lives of all humans since then. If I were to tell you to spend 80 plus hours a week designing your custom wheel for your industry you would scoff, rightly so, because it is absolutely ridiculous. So why are business owners (not you of course) obsessed about creating your own new unique system for your industry? Just do what is proven to work! As a business coach, I work with clients in all sorts of industries, from home builders to medical spas and everything in between, and you know what, they are all pretty much the same. One sells houses and the other sells botox but they both need to get Google reviews, run retargeting ads, train their salespeople, and so on. There is absolutely no reason for one client to sit down and discuss if retargeting ads work in their industry. It is a constant, a fact across the board. So don’t think just look to see what works and take action. 


Just look to the greats and copy them.


Business Coach Clay Clark was discussing creating a membership model for one of my clients and he encouraged me to take the sign-up form from another one of our companies that has a thriving membership model and simply edit the name and other small details to fit my clients business. BOOM! No spending hours writing a long sign-up form, No stressing over the legal verbiage. Because we already have one that works and works well. So let’s just make a few edits and keep moving! 

This got me thinking about how I as a business coach could help simplify the lives of my clients and help them steal the “wheel designs” from those who have already made it. Things like scripts, checklists, sales conversion systems came to mind. Jonathan Kelly often encourages the team that the best way to get better is to look at whoever is greatest in your department and copy them. There is no need to try and figure out your own path to success. 

Recently I convinced one of my clients to get up previous to 5 AM. For the longest time, he tried to figure out how to grow his business while sleeping in. Waking up early is something every single successful human does.  Every one of them. So why would you think that that’s a fluke that you can ignore and try and figure out some other way to get more hours out of the day? Once convincing him to get up early for one week he realized how much of a positive impact it made on his life and though he is not happy about getting up well before the sun does he continues to do so because he recognizes that it is a proven path to success. So whatever you do, do not waste your time trying to figure out some industry-specific, cutting edge, brand spanking new way to be successful. Just look to the greats and copy them.  


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Amelia S.

Amelia S. is a business coach for the Thrivetime Show coaching team and is married to SEO jedi Ben S. Don't let her smile fool you...she means business when it comes to growing businesses.

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