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What Causes Failures?

I have recently started setting aside time to read again. Not long, just 30 min of time in the morning or the evenings before the business coaching day starts. In the book I’m reading right now is Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The knowledge and principles in this book are absolutely amazing and I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn how to become successful. However, you can learn what to do in order to get money, but this book also has a section for what not to do. It lists out thirty different ways that someone might not succeed in life, from not being able to mentally do it, to lacking the self-discipline to do what must be done. There were a few that stuck out to me because for a time I felt trapped in their clutches and felt like I was a failure. 

You have to know what you want out of life, to have a plan, and to work on that plan every day.

Note that it says well-defined purpose and not just lack of purpose. Everyone has a purpose, be it to be successful or to just get hammered and high every night. The place that I as a business coaching professional and many others get off the train to success is the lack of a WELL DEFINED PURPOSE. To know what you want out of life, to have a plan, and to work on that plan every day. Everyone who lacks this field all drift through life because they do not have anything that they are thought about and are working to achieve.  They are content with being mediocre in everything in their life. 

Another area that many people fall prey to, myself included, is that you cannot be successful without a college education. I mean it has been brainwashed into our heads since middle school. This kind of thinking that you won’t amount to anything without college kills creativity and kills all hopes and dreams of owning your own business and making a name for yourself. It was not until I started at Thrive and seeing Clay and Jonathan Kelly did I realize that what the schools and all of my teachers have been telling me was complete crap. 

The next two that I have seen others struggle with is business coaching self-discipline.

This book says that “self-mastery is the hardest job that you will ever tackle”, and boy is that an understatement. Being able to figure out and find your own faults, acknowledge them is something else. It is unpleasant, uncomfortable, and overall you might end up hurting your own feelings. However, this is one that needs to be done. Once you have the self-discipline to become a business owner or to do what must be done then nothing is going to get in your way. No one will be able to say anything to you that could discourage you and make you deviate from your path. 

These were just three of the THIRTY different ways that one will fail in life and just drift around. Being willing to do what is required to change yourself and to acknowledge where you fall short is the first step. Those that get ahead in life know where they struggle and they work on it, no matter how long it takes to overcome. 

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