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The principle of doing more than you are paid for is a foreign concept that many business coaching people fail to grasp. They try to skate by doing the bare minimum of what is expected. The thought of doing something for free or doing something that was not asked of you at work is crazy to some people. There have been people in my life who have called me crazy for doing what I do, for working longer, for not really caring and just doing. The vast majority of people that I have worked with at my last job hid, they walked slow and they talked about lunch even when they just got there. It is frustrating to people like me when I come across people who think that they can be successful or do well in life when they complain about work, they talk bad about their boss under their breath, and overall just slide by. 


The concept of doing more than you are being paid for is something that all successful business coaching people have done.


Everyone wants to reap what others have sown, or they want to reap before they have even sown anything. From what I have seen at Thrive, either from employees or from the business owners themselves. I have seen employees say they want it, they want to be successful, they want to be a coach and want to make money. But when it comes down to it, actually doing the work they flake out. They either come in early for a week, a month, or two but after that time they go back to doing their same old stuff, complaining of not being successful. 

The concept of doing more than I was being paid for was something that all of the successful business coaching people have done. The best example is of Edwin Barnes. He was a businessman who had a desire to work with Thomas Edison, not for him but with him. He sold all of his belongings and he hopped on a train to show up at Thomas Edison’s doorstep and told him he would work for free until he could work with him. The concept or thought of doing this is mind-blowing to everyone. However, he finally had his chance to make an impression and he got to work with Thomas Edison. Everyone that wants to do great things must be willing to give up pay, must be willing to give up on sleep, and many other comforts in order to get ahead. 

The big thing that separates the successful from the others is their work ethic and their drive. They allow seeds of ideas to grow, they rip out the bad weeds and only focus on being their absolute best. They cannot handle mediocrity, they cannot handle those that cannot motivate themselves. They are the winners of the world because they sow and they know that sowing good ideas and friendships is what makes for an environment that will nourish success.

I have loved my business coaching time here and that I have been able to learn so much here at Thrive. Being able to learn and to grow will only lead to better things. 

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Ben S. is the leader of the Search Engine Domination team for Make Your Life Epic and an overall amazing guy...I mean, just look at that smile and tell me you can't get to the top of Google.

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