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Is It Worth It?

A new business coaching concept that was introduced to me is that sometimes it is better to have an employee look for another job while the relationship is still good. What I mean by that is in certain companies there are caps that people can rise to. That might be a cap of a manager, a supervisor, or a CEO. However, when certain people’s caps are at the entry-level position, sometimes it is better after they have been there for a while to let them move on without burning bridges. This may seem harsh or it may seem to mean in some way, and to certain people, it might be, however, to the company as a whole being able to rotate through entry-level positions is healthy for it. I compare it to changing out the water in a fish take when the old water gets old and gross looking. 

When people stay with a company for years, and years, and years, two things happen. First, they enjoy what they do and bring their very best to each day, and won’t let anything stop them from helping the company that has helped them. However, this case is rare and only seen in managers and business owners. The second and most common type is those employees who stay with a company for years, likely because of the benefits, and just complain, whine, and they overall are a drain to everyone around them. They are the people who make it annoying and uncomfortable to come to work. You dread seeing this person every day because they are trying to find ways to steal from the company, take breaks, and overall do anything but work. Being able to change out those that have been with the company and more or less have no future it is vital to business. 

When the culture at a company gets infected with the campy culture bad things happen. Those at the entry-level positions or those that have met their caps and have simply started to mail it in are the moss and algae of a fish tank. The businesses that really do well are the ones with high turnover. This may come as a shock to many business coaching people but it is the truth. I was one of those people who thought that a company with high turnover was doing something bad. However, since being here at Thrive my thinking has changed.

Being able to save relationships with good people but have no future in a company is a move sometimes. It might be because the person is still a good person, has different goals than the company, or anything like that. When someone stays past their expiration date with a company is when they get weird, they start to complain and they simply are not good for the business coaching culture. It is not mean or rude to point out to someone that you want them to find a better and different job that they might have a future in is what must happen in order for a company to thrive. 

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