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This week was a big changing point for me and the work ethic that I have been developing during my time here as a business coach. Ever since I started working here at Thrive I have noticed a shift in my life. I have noticed a shift in my work ethic, my personality and who I look up to. Something that Jonathan Kelly said earlier in the week that went hand in hand with what Clay really said was a huge change in how I saw things. Jon gave the advice that when my wife was home, I should be home and that the thing that I should sacrifice should be my sleep and not time with my beautiful wife. That drove me to start getting up sooner and also working harder at the business coach offices and also going home with my wife. Clay further went on to give a number of examples of people who are SUPER successful when it comes to business and the amount of money that they have. However, all of these super successful people are all huge failures when it comes to their marriages and with their families. 


Since I have set my business coach goals higher than ever, I have been making more sacrifices for what I want to achieve


The main fact that all of these billionaires have failed marriages showed what they had the main focus on their work and not other things. Clay and Jon are always saying that the world is full of trade-off, or trade-ups. What is really important to people they are going to take time and make sure they make the sacrifice for. Be it sleep, food, other friends, or anything that is not going to help you reach your goals. Trading off the sleep that I want just so I can get to work sooner and be with my wonderful wife more is a trade-off that I am willing to make. If you would have told me a year and a half ago that I would be waking up at 3 in the morning consistently for the past 6 months I would have just laughed and thought that would never happen. However, since I have set my business coach goals higher than ever, I have been making more sacrifices for what I want to achieve

There are many things that amplify who you are, but money is a big part of what does that. Being part of Thrive and being part of the culture here has really amplified who I am. I have been a part of a culture that encourages making sacrifices for your spouse and make the sacrifice for what is best and not what is easy. The person that I am is becoming solidified with my that I have spent at Thrive and my time around the great examples that have shown me great examples of consistency, diligence, and doing what it takes to work hard and to make sure that their marriages work out. This is a huge eye-opener for me because being happily married is one of my goals, as well as making money. If I want to do both then I need to make those sacrifices to make it work. 

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