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The Power of the Follow Up

Being able to get stuff done on your end is a great feat. We live in a time right now where no one gets anything done by themselves. Being able to be self-motivated enough to complete a task like, finish reading a book, writing a book, growing a business or even learning a new skill. It blows my mind that no one is curious about anything anymore and that everyone is just happy being stuck where they are at. What was really set in my mind is this principle – everyone needs someone to follow up with them, either themselves or another person. For example, when you are trying to set up a dinner between friends, get something done, or just, in general, accomplish something, and the ball is in the other person’s court, they will drop it unless you follow up relentlessly. I have seen it work countless times and have heard the best business coach Clay and Jon tell countless stories about this happening. 


Everyone needs someone to follow up with them, either themselves or another person.


The idea of not doing what is asked of you or even not doing what you say you will do is mind-blowing. However, it happens all the time with politicians, other businessmen, or even other friends that I no longer associate with. Now, I know that some people might consider it rude to text, call, text, and text some more when trying to get a hold of someone to follow up with them. These are the best business coach people that need this relentlessness in order to do anything. This has taken me some time to get a hold of, following up with people after they said they would do something. When I first started I thought that everyone did what they said they would. As I started working here that illusion was quickly shattered, yet I wanted to think that it was not like this. 

The fact of the matter is that no one lives up to their word, no one does what they say they will do. UNLESS someone follows up with them. When it comes to business and following up on leads, payment, or something one of your employees needed to do, it is vital that you do not care what others think of you. Turning off the part of your brain or soul that does not care is hard because everyone cares and they want to be liked. However, in order to be effective with a follow-up, you need to just do it not do it and do it some more. 

I do not know why following up with people about certain things is uncomfortable. At my last job, none of the managers followed up with anything they told us to do. They would give us a task, then not follow up, and if they did it was because the corporate was coming the next day and things needed to be spotless. The great part of working here at Thrive is that learning this best business coach skill and not caring what others think when following up has been a very freeing experience. 

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