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Without follow-up nothing other than good intentions and bad results will happen. In this episode of the Thrivetime Show, business coach team Dr Z and Clay Clark teach you the art of micro-management.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee and I will pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun.” – John D. Rockefeller

  1. The difference between delegation and abdication.
  2. Delegate means to assign someone that will be held accountable specific action items that are to be completed in a certain manner by a certain time or there will be consequences.
  3. Abdication means to assign someone or a group of vague action items that are to be completed if the other party finds time or feels like it.
  4. Only the conspiracy theorists survive.
  5. When you follow-up it is only then that you will discover who the honest and hardworking people are.
  6. People that are slackers will label your follow-up as micro-management.

You Measure What You Treasure and When You Abdicate You Will Always Be a Dollar Short and a Day Late

  1. Track or Your Team Will Slack
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just what what they do.” – Andrew Carnegie (A man who was once the world’s wealthiest man)
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Only the paranoid survive.” – Andy Grove (One of the founders of Intel and the CEO who turned the company into the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer)
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Audio Transcription

This next principle can absolutely change the life for many of our listeners, but I want to make sure that you’re taking a lot of business coach notes, so I’m going to go slow and I want dr. Z 2 then pylon. What’s an editorial I like to get eric chuck steak on this as a business, coach and ryan your take on this as a business owner, so management 101, but don’t follow up nothing other than good intentions and bad results will happen. So john d rockefeller explains the kind of person that can effectively follow-up and his mind is a good manager, and he said the ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity of sugar, coffee and I will pay more for that ability of any other under the sunit was a huge issue when he growing to the rockefeller enterprises he just when he could find a good manager he’s like. Oh, my gosh. That guy is a genius, because there’s very few people that can manage-and here are the principles I want to teach. The difference between delegation and abdication is that delegation is where you tell somebody what to do you’re very clear, you’re, very detailed about who needs to do it when it needs to be done. What needs to be done and you follow up until it’s done. Application is where you give somebody of vague I set of ideas, and you don’t follow up, and you just say hey. If you get a chance to knock it out, do it so the beginning delegation means to assign someone that would be held accountable to specific action items that are beat that are to be completed in a certain manner by a certain time or there will be consequences or there will be consequences again. That’s that’s a part. People don’t like to do, but you have to have it done by a certain time or they’ll be be consequences.

Application, though, means to assign someone or a group of people vague action items that are black that are to be completed if the other parties find time or if they feel like it, so andy grow the the number one one of the top ceos of all time he’s the co-founder of intel. Okay, the business coach intel cover the micro processors for computers he’s only the conspiracy theorist survive. So when you follow up, it is only been when you discover who’s, honest and hardworking. Only when you follow up with you discover who’s been working when you’re, not at work with the people who work with you’re, not watching that’s the good people and because she hears any slackers will then say that your micromanaging them you see when you follow up people that are slackers, will label you and you and you and your follow-up as micromanagement. You see that’s so when you follow up with a diligent person, they say. Thank you, look I got it done and if you fall, but a slacker, they say look you’re a micromanager the reason why I can’t get it done if you’re micromanage on my business coach back man. I’ve, given the principles in the idea, I just want to make sure cuz i, just don’t want to have to micromanage. I am the manager I am the owner manager i, just don’t want to buy chrome and look like I have to get the fall of every day. That just seems so stifling and dream killing to have to follow up every single day, seahawks pre somebody mentally. What would happens is that you’re looking for business coach people that you don’t have to follow and touch it meant and I mean touch by me, follow up on inspect what you expect every single day, you’re looking for those people, I get it, but just don’t expect that you get it without inspecting it.

Another word until proven otherwise they’re not to get her done kind of person. So again you can only expect what, you inspect correct. You can only in you can only expect what you inspect the deal. You don’t have to inspect everyday every hour, every half a day. Whatever your first crush you like them, you want them like that. You won’t be able to go to weekly meeting. You want to be able to go to a monthly inspection. You want to be able to go to move because you’re busy, you’re busy being a lot of business, is now you’re rolling. You got it figured out. You know where the 13 business coach steps you got, you got it all going on. You got the time to expect inspect every single one of your managers every single day. You don’t have time for him and what are we teaching you? So what was his at first when you bring them on, you have to be on them like a duck on a june bug, and you coach him up like a duck on a june bug you to do it I really like seeing a june bug by the way, but you have to do that and then what the happened is they build up your when I call you confidence back your trust back here and you say, like I’ve been with me 18 year, did you do today? Was the get down tell me when, 18 years ago, dog gone, it I had to be, and you followed up until she proved herself better as a manager and now she’s earned the autonomy and time for you. You know my virtue of being born to have to earn that stuff. They have to earn that stuff, and so you have to understand now.

I’ve made the statement and I’ve said this before. Ultimately, if I have to micromanage, you you’re not going to be a manager for me another word. What that means is that first I’m going to because I’m going to I’m, going to I’m, going I’m going to yes and I’m, going to make sure you’re the right dna in the right business coach person for the job, but eventually, if I can’t, if I can’t step away. If I can trust you to do the job without me, looking over your shoulder 24/7, then you know what you’re, not my you’re, not my dude. So here’s the next portion of this this is it concert because I think a lot of people get get this twisted I get too screwed up. Is you then have to measure what your treasure? So again, you could give people these expectations, but if you actually treasure it, you have to measure it until you have a manager strong enough to do it. Without you doing it, I mean you, you have to personally follow-up follow-up follow-up until they’re good enough to do it on their own right. That’s why they’re called a manager. You want them to manage something that you don’t get you don’t want. You won’t have the freedom app to manage it, so I want to get a ryan’s take on this. You measure, what your treasure and we have to kate. You always be a dollar short and a day late. So when you just give people broad action, itemsand you don’t follow up. Have you learned that over the years building tip top k-9? Have you seen people like just totally dropped the business coach ball on your like that? I probably should follow up more before they prove themselves right well on our boot camp. Until we take people, dogs in training right on we guarantee them. We say it’s normally within like this 2 to 4 week time frame right, which requires a certain amount of hours, a lot of time like every single day, 6 7 days a week, the dogs like a lot of work. So we need to make sure that that work is not trust. Miss celie, that that work is getting there every day, but verify that it’s actually getting worked every single day.

That’s meeting the goal. Is it it’s on the right schedule? That is getting enough work done, or do we need to assign extra hours, so that has to be followed up with constantly constantly constantly. We need to know what cause hey man, what was booked as far as our sales like what was showing and what was sold in the percentages of everything. So we know if anything’s going wrong dog training question. We need to quiet how you do that. You know I would not even know yeah I know they do it. They did I’m sorry for having imagination it’s awful problems, but you can do that. I, like I like it, because I have dog training questions with a curious mind. There’s so many clients had a successful, follow up another free. Where do you see people getting it wrong, though, before they get it right? Well, it’s that whole concept of consistently measuring, so they they’ve got their management in place. That everything’s are up an orbit like we talked about in past. You just got to get those thrusters going in the right direction, but if you don’t consistently follow up with those managers, you can’t just do it I’ll, let you know once every 3 months and then it’s every 3 weeks. It’s got to be the consistency so that that is built into the cultured baked into the cake. Drive nation week do our next podcast. What are we covering a topic? So many people get in trouble with it’s where you act as a bank but you’re, not a bank. You are not a bank but you’re extending credit to each and every one of your customers and you’re, not a third party lender, you’re nada, a bank. So how do you get out of that business coach cycle? If you’re a contractor, a business owner used to extend credit to your customers when you, in fact do not have the means to extend consumer credit will go free


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