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Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

The natural man is to be lukewarm. No one wants to do anything that would cause them to be uncomfortable. They want to get into a set of habits that are comfortable and will not break those habits and routines for anything. People know that in order to grow they have to do new things and do things they might not like. As a business coach, I’m here to break that bubble for them by saying that comfort is an illusion made by us to make it seem like we have control over things, people, and our lives. I have seen friends in the past and family members become complacent with their lives and have no reason or drive to change and to develop past where they are. Those that are truly great are able to do things on a weekly or daily basis that are uncomfortable. They have the hard talk that others put off for years, they do things like forcing themselves to make cold calls to get better at it. Without this pain, no one would change who they are and everyone would be all stuck on the same level of thought. 


Comfort is an illusion made by us to make it seem like we have control over things, people, and our lives.


With how everything is changing in my life as a business coach it is time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. I’m not just talking about work-related things here, I’m talking about everyday life in general. Yeah, there will be times I will have to have uncomfortable conversations at work with employees or with bosses but also at home things are changing too. My amazing wife had our first child and nothing has been the same. It is a wonderful feeling to have a little baby in the home but at the same time, our normal schedule is completely out of whack. Instead of going to bed at the time that I want, it is often much later and with me waking up more often during the night. However, this is the uncomfortable situation that I have been talking about. Being able to realize that things are not going to go back was the first step and the second is getting comfortable with the new life that I have. 

This is where many people get off track and get stuck. They do not want to change no matter what was brought up. With how everything is going right now there will be more situations that will be stressful, awkward, and overall not what I would like. But growth, real growth is done when things are hard. Without the trials and the hard times in our lives everyone would not have gained anything new and would have just been stuck. As a business coach, I see so many adults my age that are acting like rebellious teenagers because life is hard and someone said something that they did not like. They have responsibilities now if they want to accept them or not, a responsibility to work to pay for their own things instead of having others pay for it as their parents did back in high school. The biggest challenge is for those that are stuck is to realize where they feel stuck and to find help to get themselves out of the rut they are in. 

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