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Looks Do Matter

This week at work things were settling in nicely from us not being at the business coach office. Since we have the ten-person rule right now, the SEO team has had to work from other places. It has been a very educational time for me. Keeping the team on pace and making sure that they keep their content quality up was key to making sure everything went smoothly. Even though I may not be at the office, it is no excuse for things to slip in quality or standards. When I was at my old job when the boss or manager was away or gone for the day, I could see the other employees relax, take shortcuts or overall move slower than molasses. When the boss or manager was there I could see a difference in the work ethic in the other workers. When the culture of the business coach company is that of hiding from the boss so you can avoid work, then the whole company suffers. From what I have learned from working out of the office and working with just me to maintain the law and order of things that it takes a strong manager to keep the team going. 


If a manager does not have the look or the ability to be the example then they have no business being a manager of anything.


The manager of a company or of a team must be able to lead by example and do what must be done. Looking the part of a manager is also important. I know with full knowledge that if I rolled up to work every day in my jeans and just a shirt, I would not be able to earn or gain their respect. What I wear is going to affect what the team thinks of me and also what I say and do is also important too. If you look at all of the scary bosses or anyone in power in the movies or in real life, what are they wearing? They are not wearing a clown costume or a pretty pink jumpsuit. In order to make sure that I can maintain my team’s respect I must dress sharp and have a commanding haircut as well. I recently cut my hair due to all of the hair salons being closed down and shaving my head was the best way to make my hair look good for not being able to cut hair well. The first thing that the majority of my business coach team said to me was that I looked more intimidating than before my haircut. That comes around to the next point is that being bald is another key aspect of being a good manager or boss of a team or company. 

Being able to have the looks of a manager is vital to creating and keeping a good culture at a company. If a manager does not have the look or the ability to be the example then they have no business being a manager of anything. It takes a special kind of person that wants to manage people. It takes a person who has the drive to keep the business culture running smoothly.

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