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Over The Mark

The biggest thing that separates the people that succeed and the people that do not is the goals they have or the lack thereof. Being able to know what your goal is and making sure that it is obtainable is what all the successful people have done. The people that do nothing with their lives are the ones that do not have any goals whatsoever. When you set a goal that takes years of your time then accomplishing your goal is rewarding. Ask any business coach…setting goals are important, but going above and beyond your goal is also very dangerous if done incorrectly. When you go above the mark that you set for yourself you start to feel like you have not accomplished anything worthwhile. As I look at all the successful people around me they all have either hit their goal or are still working at it. However, the ones that have hit their goal are content and have stopped working toward that goal. That does not mean that they stop trying, rather it means that they were deliberate about it and now they are just maintaining now. They realize that trying to do more than they planned could be a pitfall. 


The people that do nothing with their lives are the ones that do not have any goals whatsoever.


For me, as part of the business coach team here at Thrivetime Show, I have the goal of opening up a business, making more money, and learning more every day. When I stop and think about these goals I see a long journey, but one that is worth it. Opening up a business can be tracked by a certain time and date, making more money as well. However, learning more is something that is going to take years of my time as I learn from the best in this area. Having a goal that is going to take years for me to master is an important part of never becoming complacent and getting entitled. When people get complacent and think they have met their goal and or have gone above their goal they think it is done and they can relax. That is a dangerous way to think because thinking you have done it all is a great way to ruin relationships and a great way to just overall burn bridges that will be impossible to repair. 

When I look back at all the people that have left other places that I have worked at, I noticed that they all got complacent and then they got entitled. They would think that they are the best and deserve more pay, they start slacking and bad-mouthing their bosses and leaders. This will quickly spread to other employees and in turn corrupt the whole company. Setting the goal of learning is a great way to stop myself from getting complacent and thinking that I have mastered everything. I know that there is a lot more that I need to learn from Jon and business coach Clay, ever more so during this time when everything is going crazy. Being open to feedback on how I handle certain situations and reading is a great way as well.  

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Ben S.

Ben S. is the leader of the Search Engine Domination team for Make Your Life Epic and an overall amazing guy...I mean, just look at that smile and tell me you can't get to the top of Google.

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