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One of the big things that really struck home was the power of the Mastermind and how your business coach and your friends really do matter. The principle of the Mastermind is where you have a small group of people around you that can help you reach your goal without hurting or denying anyone their freedoms in the process. This principle was put into effect by Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. They both had a group of people around them that helped them gain knowledge, earn money, and also benefit others too. Many think that this principle only applies to those that are already wealthy or those that have made it big. However, no matter what is going on or who you are, your friends matter.


Your friends are either going to be a part of your Mastermind Group, or they are going to undermine your success. 


When I think back on my growth in this business coach company, and personal growth in general, I have noticed that all of my friends I had back in High School and other places are no longer my friends. There are two that I make an effort to stay in contact with. On this note, I know some people who are still friends with all of their high school and college friends, and they are getting nowhere fast in life. Their friends are either out partying, or are super huge socialists and they are not doing anything. Who you hang around, or spend the majority of your time with makes an impact in who you become and what actions and choices you make. 

On the more positive side of things, when the Mastermind comes together and is able to work together that is when the magic really happens. For example being around people like Andrew, Jason, Luke, Adrian, Clay, and Jonathan has had a huge impact on my life. Each of them has strengths that I can learn from and being around them has given me a chance to learn. The most recent business coach example is with the new business that I am starting up with Clay and Jon. Without the help of these great men, I would have never been able to get a website up, know what to do as far as setting everything up and what the next steps I needed to take. Not to mention the cost of getting a truck, trailer, and other expenses. With the help of the Mastermind, we are all able to benefit by starting up a business that will one day bring in money as a reward for our hard business coach work. Another great example is the fact that my beautiful wife is a realtor and Andrew and his wife are looking to buy a new home. Without the help of Amelia, they would have been at the mercy of the real estate agents who have their own time tables and are overall not very easy to work with. Being able to be around people who share a common goal is the whole point of the Mastermind.

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Ben S. is the leader of the Search Engine Domination team for Make Your Life Epic and an overall amazing guy...I mean, just look at that smile and tell me you can't get to the top of Google.

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