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The Makings of a Man

In today’s day and age everyone is always trying to “do their best”, but what does that really mean and what does it take to be the best? When you hear stories of Micheal Jordan, Lebron James, Tom Brady, business coach, and many others, what do you think of? Most people see the game-winning shot, they see the height of greatness. However, what no one ever sees or even wants to know about for that matter. All the fans and other people want to see is the peak, but not the pit of despair. Being able to realize that everyone who is great at something at one point sucked so bad at it that someone once told them that they should just give up, that they were too stupid to accomplish what they had set their minds to. 


The truly great at what they do will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals, no matter what happens.


Now, when people think of the greats, they always think of sports or other kinds of achievements with the human body that require running, jumping or a mixture of both. The hard work that no one even sees as hard work is learning how to be good with people. Being able to learn how to read people, interact with people, and just overall be a leader is something that is learned from watching others and from doing it yourself. When I look at Jonathan Kelly or business coach Clay I see masters of managers and I see people who are the best at what they do. However, what I did not see is the fact that they spent years of their lives learning new skills and trying things out from what they read and learned. 

The truly great at what they do will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals, no matter what happens. They will figure out the problems that they come across no matter how difficult it might seem. For example with me and my learning of HVAC systems and the fun that comes with it. I had no idea how any of that worked except that when I turned on my AC cold air blew out and cooled me down. I am someone who wants to make money and wants to prove to people that I can do it and that I will amount to great things in my life. Therefore, I will do what it takes to make money, even if it means learning HVAC systems. There is a lot of reading, studying, and in general hands-on work that I had to do, but I have set my mind to learn it and this is something that I will do. Learning how to manage people in the SEO position, under the watchful eye of Jon, will take me further than any other spot. As I continue to put in the effort as a business coach to learn from both Jon and Clay and as I continue to watch, learn, and apply what I get from them I will do great things. That is what the people will when all is said and done, the success, and no one will see the years of work that I put into it. 


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Ben S.

Ben S. is the leader of the Search Engine Domination team for Make Your Life Epic and an overall amazing guy...I mean, just look at that smile and tell me you can't get to the top of Google.

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