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Being Actively Engaged

One of the points from this week at the business coaching HQ was being actively engaged in the work you are doing. From what I have seen from my experience from managing people to simply working as an employee is that those that are actively engaged, and are not simply mailing it in, are the ones that make it. The difference between the employee that makes it at Thrive, or in a high-level work environment, and one that does not is the aspect of being engaged. In today’s day and age everyone wants to just skate by, they want to do as little work as possible and still get paid for it. They can not handle or wrap their heads around being loyal to a company for so long, or even being focused on the task at hand for more than fifteen minutes. In the morning I have my meta time, which is where I plan out my day, check my to-do list, and overall think and mentally prepare myself for the show I am about to put on. 


If I was not actively engaged in my work and if my head was in the clouds I could not do this job.

Even though I have been doing SEO work for two years now at the business coaching capital of the world, staying engaged in my writing and on task is how I have been able to stick with it for so long. If I let my mind wander while I was writing, or tried to do anything else, the quality of my content would suffer. A bored mind is where the most trouble is made and if I let it wander while writing then I would not be here.

Now, that was just the mindset of being engaged in what you are working on. A big thing for me is appearance, but in a nonvain sorta way. When I look over at a team member who is writing content and is slouching in their chair, who is trying to text without me knowing, who yawns a lot, sighs a lot, and just, in general, is not engaged, I get furious inside. Because how you act and how you present and conduct yourself is vital in business and is vital to get promotions. No one wants to follow someone who is not engaged in their work or someone who is always yawning or sighing every ten minutes while uploading articles because their brain hurts. 

This is a big one for me, being able to stay on a task for more than twenty minutes without letting someone distract you with something trivial. Those that know how to stay on the business coaching task and look engaged mentally and how they are actually sitting, standing or whatever is huge! Being able to have the mentorship of Clay and of Jonathan is huge in my development as a person. I am still learning from them, be it relationship advice, business advice, or any sort of tips and tricks they can give me. Being on the lookout for ways to get better is a way to stay engaged with yourself and with those who are higher up then you. 

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