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Showcasing A.W.E.

When it comes to working with employees or doing what you can to wow the business coaching clients you always want to do your best to showcase A.W.E. You not only want to showcase A.W.E. but you want it to become a part of you, how you act, and present yourself to your clients. Now let me tell you about A.W.E. 


The A stands for Authority.

Regardless of what industry you work in, if you’re currently going to school, or even just trying to give some helpful advice, establishing authority is important. Having authority means that someone trusts your opinion not solely based upon what you say you will do, but what actions and steps you actually take. Having authority warrants and gives you grounds to share your opinions and have others listen to them. This could be extremely helpful if you are providing a service for someone because they trust in your business coaching recommendation.


The W. in A.W.E. stands for warmth.

Having warmth makes others feel comfortable like they can open up to you, trust you, etc. What warmth looks like, is someone genuinely interested in getting to know you. Now genuinely being interested in, and trying to get to know someone does not have to keep you from doing your job, but it can actually aid you. For instance if you are working in a dental office, your certifications and licenses help you establish authority, because someone can see that you graduated and became licensed from a credible source, and you didn’t just walk off the streets and into a building one day and say “ You know what, I think I’m going to start pulling some teeth and get paid for it”. Now, most businesses hope to be able to keep clientele for a long time, and what helps them to do that is by showing warmth. This looks like getting to know them by asking questions about their family, career, hobbies, etc. This allows you to make some connections with others and allows them to open up.


The E. in A.W.E stands for energy!

Now I’m sure you all have that one friend or acquaintance who was in your life, or who currently is in your life that is always complaining, extremely negative or someone who just generally is always stuck in a bad attitude. You know that every time you see them they are going to tell you how horrible everything is, and start talking about “what if’s “ rather than actually doing something that will get them out of their situation. As a business owner, you want to make sure everything you do, outputs positive, happy upbeat energy!  The famous English proverb “ You catch more flies with honey than vinegar” is absolutely right! When people walk into your shop, or they see you at their door, if you greet them kindly, have a smile on your face, then already you’re already doing better than if there was no greeting, no exciting smells or decor. By combining Authority, Warmth, and Energy, you get A.W.E. You always want to leave your customers in awe because not only are they happy that you’re providing them a business coaching experience and service they’re in need of, but they will be more likely to return to your business because it stands out to them.

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Angela J.

Angela J. is the manager of the Broken Arrow location of Elephant in the Room Men's Grooming Lounge. As a fitness guru, she is "on track" to be coaching several clients by the end of the year.

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