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The Soft Selling Art

One of the great things that Clay teaches as a business coach is the art of Soft Selling. Soft Selling is where you are selling to your customer but they don’t even know it. There are many ways to soft sell your product or service and it is a must if you are trying to sell in this day in age. We are all trained to deflect and reject as soon as we get the slightest sense that someone is selling to us. Our guard goes up and we tuck our wallets and purses away. The soft selling moves that Clay teaches are incredibly powerful and are an absolute must to implement if you are trying to sell something.


If you want to sell, you have to soft sell. You customers will buy from you if they like you.


Objections are a common issue if you are trying to sell anything. They come up often and we are always trying to come up with solutions to their objections or we try to feed them all of the features of your product or service provides. Often times, when someone decides that they don’t want to buy from you, it takes a lot of persistence to win them back. One great way to avoid a lot of that rejection is to eliminate objections before they even exist. 

How do you eliminate objections before they come up? First, we have to start with identifying your objections. Do you get rejected because the potential business coach client often says “I have to talk to my wife about it…”? If so, eliminate that objection before it exists! When you are scheduling the meeting where you plan on closing the deal, ask the question “Do you typically run these decisions by your wife?” and if they say yes, make sure their spouse is there! This eliminates the common excuse we have all heard. 

When you are ready to sell, some people are not ready to buy. By this, I mean that they have not fully bought into your system, product, or service. We have to soft-sell in order to get them to buy. When you are scheduling the time for you to meet with them, send them content that will be selling them without you even there. One great move that Clay teaches is to send video testimonials of actual clients to your potential clients for them to watch. This allows your previous customers to continuously sell on your behalf. 

Another great way to soft-sell is to provide your potential client with a long list of references for them to call. If they are able to reach out and ask your real customers, with real first and last names, questions, they will build trust in your service. In the same way, if your company has copious amounts of reviews, you will be selling your brand to potential buyers as soon as they find you on Google.

If you want to sell, you have to soft sell. You customers will buy from you if they like you. Your business coach goal should be that, when you’re selling, you are performing. You are putting on a show and they should want to come back every day to watch that show. Make the buying process as easy as possible for them by eliminating their objections and giving them the resources, such as video testimonials and references, to be sold without high pressure.

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Andrew B. currently holds the record for the youngest business coach on the Thrivetime Show business coaching team (he looks like he's 12 years old). But don't let his boyish looks fool you. He is married, currently owns a rental property and saves 35% of his income.

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