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Trust But Verify

Something as a business coach I’ve seen used multiple times this week is the concept of trust but verify. This basically means that once you’ve given someone something to do or when you hear a fact, you can believe it but first you must verify that it is true. This really does apply to all areas of life. With all of this COVID-19 craziness going on right now, it is very important to trust but verify. You might read a headline of a news article immediately take it for granted and think that it is true. When you read the article or when you deep dive and research to the actual facts, you may find that the truth is exaggerated, blown out of the water, or just simply that the article is not true at all.


It is very important to set up rules and boundaries with your staff but you then must verify that they have completed it.


You must also trust but verify with your employees. It is very important to set up rules and boundaries with your staff but you then must verify that they have completed it. The business coach goal is to set up key performance indicators for them to be able to hit every single day and every single week but we have to have a way to follow up and know that they are actually getting it done and done properly. The ways we do this far by setting up call recording, installing nest cameras throughout your office, and installing daily checklists for the team to complete. You can then hire a manager to follow up with the systems and therefore you would also be following up with your manager to ensure that the systems are being completed.

Once you’ve installed the key performance indicators and have established some guidelines, you know my schedule time to follow up. It can become very time consuming to constantly be verifying everything all of the time which is why you must set up an hour of power to verify. This can look like something along the lines of a manager’s meeting where you sit down with all of the managers and review the key performance indicators of the team.

Trusting but verifying is extremely important to do because, as Andy Grove says, “only the paranoid survive.” You have to assume that what you expect to be done hasn’t been done or what you expect to be true is not true. Don’t take anyone’s word for granted and deep dive into it to find out if it is actually a fact or not. Setting up these checks and balances can be something that takes a lot of time and can be very difficult if you let it become difficult. It’s one of those things where you really have to sit down, knock it out all at one time, and never have to think about it again. It’s something that will save you so much time in the future if you just take the time to knock it out in the beginning. You will also see the payoff of these checks and balances whenever you find yourself saving money on all of those times where you could’ve lost money from not having those business coach processes and systems.

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