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The Necessary Need for Uncomfortable Conversations

The popular podcast host, Tim Ferris, has said, “A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.” Currently, there is a virus that is sweeping the world causing massive overreactions and panic. The Coronavirus is a new strand of virus that is a lot like the flu except it is far less deadly than the flu. In fact, out of the thousands of people who have gotten it and who have died from it are elderly people who have already had a preexisting condition. There is massive panic throughout the streets and online and hundreds of business owners are forced to have these uncomfortable conversations with their staff and their customers.


“A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.”

Tim Ferriss, Best-selling author of The 4-Hour Workweek and iTunes chart-topping podcaster


An example of a tough conversation that you need to have in business would be the conversation between the owner and the one person on your staff who is freaking out about the news articles. If you have an employee who is causing panic in the rest of the group, they must leave as soon as possible. In times like these, especially, you have to keep morale up and spirits high while the team is rocking through this different time. You must be willing to sit down with your employee and reiterate to them the goal of the company and share with them the fact that it is a temporary situation and we have to be team players.

A tough conversation you have to have with yourself (even I do as a business coach) is finding a way to pivot with your business. You may have to wake up extremely early to spend time without distractions, finding different ways to sell something. Maybe you need to hire a business coach. It may be selling products and services that you have never sold or have never even thought about selling. It is simply a time to ask yourself what other problems can I solve for my new ideal and likely buyers?

When the Coronavirus entered into our country and began destroying our markets, we had to start pivoting and finding new streams of revenue. These conversations with your staff can be difficult if you have not hired and trained a coachable group of people. If you haven’t hired A-Players, this may be your opportunity to clean house and start hiring A Players. If your team is coachable and willing to do whatever it takes, it is time to get them on the phones with your customers. Your clients may have no idea that you are still open so we must call them, not just text or email, and make sure they’re okay. After you’ve confirmed their safety, let them know that you are still in business and available to serve them. This will increase your business and your sales.

Whether you are fighting the Coronavirus, a recession in the markets, or just handling a bad employee, you must remember Tim Ferris’s quote and understand that success comes from the number of conversations that you are willing to have during any hard time and even when things are great. Every day a hard thing will pop up and if we don’t own the problem and solve it, we will watch our economy shrink but if we take action and provide solutions our companies will continue to grow them day after day.

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