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Do you love what you get to do every day? Most people that I talk to do NOT love their job. They are doing the bare minimum to collect a paycheck and saunter through life until that inevitable day when a stroke takes them and their life ends. My brain can’t comprehend why so many people live this way! Wait… actually it can. I can understand this because this is exactly how I lived for many, many, many years of my life. I would get up in the morning dreading the alarm clock because it meant that i would have to walk through my unbearable job just to collect another paycheck and barely survive another month. This is how I felt until….. Make Your Life Epic. WHAT?!?! But weren’t you a pastor? As crazy as it sounds, even as a pastor who was helping other people to find their purpose and hopefully improve their life, I was miserable inside. Here at Make Your Life Epic, we are unlike any other organization that I have ever seen. Not only do we help our clients take the time and energy needed to figure out their time and financial goals, but then we help them actually achieve those goals.


Here at the Make Your Life Epic business coaching company, you will find people who care about you, but more importantly, the tools that you absolutely need to achieve your time and financial goals.


If you take a look at virtually every other business coaching program like Maui Mastermind, E-myth, Tony Robbins, and many more, just to name a few, you will quickly find out that although things might look helpful on the surface, beneath the surface is an entirely different story. I think most people understand the analogy of an iceberg. Only about 10% of an iceberg can be seen above the water. The other 90% is below the water. When you look at these other coaching programs, the 10% above the water looks appealing and beautiful and helpful, however, those people who have paid to see the 90% below the water always report that they pay thousands of dollars, and nothing ever gets done or accomplished. Those other programs are all about hype. Those other programs are all about emotional motivation, but never actually show people what to do or how to do it. In one of our meetings the other day, Clay Clark showed us a video that claims that Tony Robbins saved a man from depression in just five minutes. It was one of the most ridiculous things I had ever seen. He appealed to the man’s emotions, and helped to encourage him, however, he did not give him the practical tools needed in order to walk his way through depression. With our program, you will experience some of the emotional motivation, however, the majority of everything we do involves the implementation of actual action items that will help your business to grow.

Here at the Make Your Life Epic business coaching company, our mission is to mentor millions. Our heart is to help you and people like you achieve the time and financial goals that you have for your life. Here is the catch though, we do not want to help everyone. What? You don’t want to help everybody? That’s right! We only want to help people who we call diligent doers. Diligent doers are a rare breed of humanity. These are people who know a proven path and are willing to walk down it. These are people who, even if they do not know a proven path, will find someone who has found a proven path before, and then they will walk down the path that is provided for them. Clay Clark and Jonathan Kelly know the proven path to business success. They know the proven path to time and financial freedom. They have helped thousands of people walk down this path and achieve their time and financial goals. If we work with someone that we refer to as a happy hoper, then we will show them the path, but they never will walk down it. We will assign action items and provide them with the action steps that they need to take to work towards their goal, but they will simply keep doing things the way they have always done them. A diligent doer will actually implement the action steps that we provide. If you are a happy hoper for, then please, stay away from our program. However, if you are a diligent doer who is willing to be coachable and implement a proven plan to help your business succeed, then we just might be the organization for you to partner with on your journey of achieving your time and financial goals.

If you are the type of person who actually does your research before you make a decision, then you will quickly see, as you look into our organization, that we truly are the best business coaching program in the world. Additionally, we cost exponentially less than any other organization around. When you hire our organization, not only do you get an individual business plan custom made by Clay Clark himself, a weekly meeting with a business coach to help you implement the plan and access to some of the greatest leaders of our time through Clay’s podcast, but you also get an entire marketing team that will fully support you as you walk down the path. Additionally, you get all of this for less than it would cost you to hire just one $8.50 per hour employee. This is an incredible value. When you start with our program, the first three months will be very intense. Our goal is to help you put into place, as quickly as possible, the most important systems for increasing your revenue. Additionally, we will intentionally go after your biggest limiting factors so that we can work to overcome those as a business coaching company.

Don’t waste your time with another business coaching program. Come to the best today. Here at the Make Your Life Epic business coaching company, you will find people who care about you, but more importantly, the tools that you absolutely need to achieve your time and financial goals. There is no one else like us in the world. Give us the opportunity to work with you and watch as your business grows exponentially beyond what you thought was possible. Our goal truly is to mentor millions and our heart actually is to help you. Contact us today so that we can answer any of your questions or get you booked for a free 30-minute coaching assessment. I promise you will not be disappointed. I can say from personal experience that having spent many hours in this environment, when you diligently implement the actions that Clay Clark and Jonathan Kelly teach you, your perspective on the world changes, and you find that there is actually hope for your future. Your dreams and goals go from something that may or may not be achieved in the future, to a reality that you can feel confident to know will be attained. This has been my experience, and this can be yours as well.

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