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The Objective of a Business Coach

Picture this, you are sitting on a beach sipping some fruity drink, or perhaps you are reading in a coffee shop. Maybe you are skiing on the slopes in Vail, Colorado, or perhaps you are out buying the new sports car that you’ve always wanted to purchase. Maybe for you, the image that you want to picture when it comes to your dream life someday is an image of you sitting in the living room with your family playing board games. I don’t know what your dream or your goal is that you’re working towards in life, however, I do know that you will never get there through the vehicle of your business if you do not institute the systems of management required to gain time and financial freedom. As a business coach, I want you to hit your goals. That is literally my only objective. I walk you down the path so that you can hit your goals. Knowing this, it always astounds me how clients will still refuse to institute the specific systematic consistent meetings required in this process.

When it comes to the foundational meetings that you should be having every week, there are four of them.

You should be having a manager meeting, a financial meeting, an all-staff meeting, and a hiring meeting. Each one of these meetings is essential to growing your business and ensure that you have visibility into every aspect of your organization so that you can prevent it from drifting. We all know that most businesses fail. We have talked about this many times. As a business owner, you have a .00333 chance of being successful in business. Because of this fact, you are going to want to make sure that you follow the proven path that Clay Clark, Jonathan Kelly, and the Thrivetime Show coaches map out for you. As a business coach, the path that we walk you down is the proven path that has been proven time and time again by Clay Clark and thousands of others.

So, you might be asking yourself, what is a manager’s meeting? It is very simple. The manager’s meeting is the time we meet with the managers. Wow. Mind is blown. This is a time that you filter all questions and coaching and logistical needs too. If you are like most people, then you will be getting text messages day and night, your phone will be ringing off the hook, and you will be overwhelmed by the number of things that you are trying to wade through in a single day. When you institute a managers meeting, it allows you to come together with your managers, address the questions that they have, put out the burning fires that they need support on, get updates on team members, and essentially make sure that they are hitting their targets and accomplishing their goals that you have set for them

When it comes to financial meetings, knowing your numbers is one of the most important things that you can do in order to stay on top of the direction of your business. If you do not know your income and expenses, then how can you make decisions that financially impact the company? Additionally, if you put off this meeting to once a month or even once a quarter, then you are foolishly digging yourself into a hole that perhaps you will not be able to get out of. You need a weekly financial meeting where you go over all of the numbers, and you implement proven strategies in order to increase the top line so that you can, in turn, increase the bottom line. Don’t get caught in those terrible situations like many of our business coach clients were, because they chose to skip the financial meeting, they ended up owing thousands of dollars in taxes, or actually didn’t have any money in their bank account even when QuickBooks said that they did.

The all-staff meeting can be a very enjoyable occasion. Here at the ThriveTime show, our all-staff meeting is where we bring everyone together and have a time where we celebrate wins, and Clay Clark coaches us on where we need to grow and improve to help the organization excel as well as aid in the development of our personal lives. This is a time when questions are able to get answered, and Clay can help the culture not drift from the direction that it needs to be. Your team members need to be invested in it. There needs to be a time where they see you and hear from you that is outside of some intense correction. This helps to build trust as well as culture.

Finally, when it comes to the hiring meeting, so many owners want to outsource or delegate the responsibility of hiring employees into the company. If you are going to do this, then you need to have a well-established culture as well as criteria for hiring individuals. Additionally, you must be willing to hire fast and fire fast. If you are a newer or smaller organization, then you should never delegate the hiring to someone else. You as the owner need to be the one who is accountable for the culture and the people you bring into the culture of your organization. You need to have a hiring meeting every single week where candidates are coming into the business coach office for the group interview. You need to be the one seeing them, communicating with them, casting the vision, and making the decisions of who is moving forward in the process. If you give this up too soon, then it will only hurt your organization.

There are many additional meetings that you could institute into your organization, but these are the bare essentials. If you are not currently utilizing these meetings weekly in your schedule, then stop what you’re doing right now, make time to build these into the schedule for you and your organization. Make them a requirement for your staff. What you will find as you hold people accountable, is that if someone knows that they are going to be required to answer questions and bring information, then they step up their game. Anything that is left without accountability will absolutely drift 100% of the time. Don’t allow your organization to drift just because you do not want to take the time to have a meeting. Do what is best for your organization and for yourself and have these meetings, so that you are able to continue to move towards that mai tai on a beach or whatever your dream may be.

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