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The Power of One

One thing I have recently learned, it is the power of one.

The power of one person, one business coach, – one person with a changed mind, one person with a desire to see something happen, one person can make an impact in waves. If there is one thing that I have learned over the last two months during the coronavirus pandemic, it is unstoppable, the impact you can make if you truly believe in something and want to see that happen. Over the last month, I have been watching my mentors rewrite history. I truly tell you this, because I watched it happen.

Over the last three months, business coach Clay Clark and Jonathan Kelly made it their mission to make every effort to stop the magnetized fear. The research conducted can be found at When you sift through hours and hours of research, you quickly find what is credible and what isn’t. Let me tell you exactly how the timeline played out. This is how you can fully understand the power of one. What kind of leadership qualities do you have to have to make a difference like that? Is it hours of training, hours of studying, or is it an intense determination to want to make something happen, or to make something not happen if you simply believe it and think it to be?

If you don’t listen to the show or you are new to the Thrive Business coach Nation, you probably don’t know why we do what we do. The goal is to help our clients gain time and financial freedom, or hit their goals. The mission is to mentor millions. So when anything threatens that goal, it is necessary to look into. That is precisely what Clay has been doing from sun up until sundown, nonstop. When this whole thing got started, they shut businesses down. To be honest with you, I thought this would be a two-week situation. It was not. It cost our clients their livelihood. It cost our clients millions of dollars and it tore some American businesses apart all over the nation. 


Next, began the research.

Our team began researching and undercover facts about the truth of the coronavirus. Our team, for hours, came through this to see exactly what we could do. Then, it was uncovered that the coronavirus shut down was not a threat to just our business and our livelihood, it was a threat to our family. Then, it really began.

Through this, I’ve learned one very important thing. One person can literally make a difference for an entire nation. It only takes one. Clay worked diligently to change the narrative across all 50 states and encouraged our team to even when we weren’t seeing any fruits of our labor. We stayed consistent. We stayed strong. All of us were outspoken against the corruption of the coronavirus. But, it all started with one. The power of one it’s something I will never forget for the rest of my life.


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Julea M.

Julea` M. is part of the Thrivetime Show business coaching team. She's passionate about growing businesses and doubles as the 13-point assessment caller for the Thrivetime Show.

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