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Love the Cold Call

Cold calling is a tool that, if used properly, can funnel your business additional revenue or additional business coaching clients. This of course, in turn, creates more revenue too. So basically, it is true – if you want to get rich, learn to love the cold call. Don’t stop at the cold call. Sales can be rewarding and satisfying in every situation. Or, like in some cases, the semi-warm call. At the Thrivetime Show World Headquarters, we have our whole team of trained cold callers who make outbound calls on behalf of some of our clients. Each with a different call to action, each with a different objective.  

Some of our clients are calling their existing customers to offer additional services. Some are even calling to get Google reviews, which if you’ve read Search Engine Domination, you know reviews are a huge part of the “I will make a butt load of more money”. These types of calls are considered warm and therefore have a higher probability of conquering onward to the call to action. In these circumstances, there is already an established relationship, you’ve already invested in the funds to acquire the business coaching customer (ads, media, labor, etc.), why not make the most of it? 

We also go through the minefield of an actual, real, thoroughbred cold call. Although your numbers are harder to hit on an actual cold call, once you get the system going, you just want to race through the leads to find the “YES” as fast as possible. Although the type of sales call is always different, you can always trust Clay Clark to tell you the one thing they all have in common — the business coaching formula. 

  1. Rapport – You must get them to like and trust you. This has to happen!
  2. Needs – IF you have a solid product or service, you have a need to fill. Your job is to find that person and discuss their needs with them so that you can… 
  3. Benefits – OFFER THE BENEFITS. Provide a solution. In other words, be the source of their needs!
  4. Close – Accept your reward. 
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