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Don’t Dwell – Pick Up the Phone Again

Typically, we write about things we learn. We cover ways to grow your business as a business coach. We talk about super fun things like sales, action steps to lowering expenses in your business, books, systems and if you’re an avid reader, you probably know all of the lingo here at #ThriveNation. If you’ve been reading the coaching blogs for a while, you know things like a three-legged-marketing stool, the purple cow concept, group interview, and you love tuning in to your favorite entrepreneur talk hub with the Thrivetime Show. 


For every rejection, for every drawback, for every adversity, there is an opportunity and something much better on the other side of adversity.


Ok, now that we’ve built rapport, let’s move on to the needs. Do not dwell. Pick up the phone. What does that mean? It would be easy to get hit with adversity, after adversity, after adversity. I coach multiple business owners. I’m sure we all can relate, too. You’re facing adversity every day. To do well in business, and to do well in life, you have to be resilient. Sometimes that’s hard. 

You’re on a sales call. You know this is going to be a great fit. They are the perfect ideal and likely buyer. The conversation is going well. You feel very confident your product or service has captivated the attention of the buyer as a solution to solving their problem. Win, win – right? Somehow, they reject you, and you are shocked. You’re wounded, a little. Take a sip of coffee, and the key is to not dwell, and pick up the phone again. 

You find out your employees are talking bad about you behind your back. You thought the office was great. You really thought you had a great team. Then you walk off, and you find out they’ve been talking bad about you behind your back the whole time. Ouch. Wounded.

Almost every client fears rejection in the beginning. I’ve seen business owners gather 2 Google Reviews in one week starting out. We talk a lot about the rush to 40 reviews. But, when you get down to the business coach problem. They don’t want someone to think they are rude when they ask again for the 6th time. Sometimes others struggle with closing the deal. They are great at what they do. They are truly the best in the industry. But when it comes to sales, they hate it and want to hide behind email. Listen, you’re going to get rejected. Customers will walk away. You will get hung upon. Someone will leave you a bad Google review. Your ordinance approval to open up your business was rejected.

Some people don’t care. If you ask Clay Clark, Jonathan Kelly, Steve Currington – things like this don’t bother these business coach guys for even a second. But, for myself, I’ll take a sip of coffee. Take a deep breath. Hop back on the phone. For every rejection, for every drawback, for every adversity, there is an opportunity and something much better on the other side of adversity, or if we’re sticking metaphorically here, there is an opportunity and something much better on the other side of the phone. Don’t dwell.

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Julea M.

Julea` M. is part of the Thrivetime Show business coaching team. She's passionate about growing businesses and doubles as the 13-point assessment caller for the Thrivetime Show.

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