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Enthusiasm, according to business coach Clay and my most recent Google Search from Oxford Languages, originates in Latin as “inspired or possessed by a God”. So essentially, enthusiasm means that God is within. Enthusiasm, and the presence or lack thereof can be both personal and business. People think that having enthusiasm simply means being happy. That is not the case. You can show that God is within you, and win in the battlefield of business and life when you know you are enthusiastic because you are working unto the Lord. Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,”.

Enthusiasm – when it comes to your job, your family, friends, a particular thought or subject, some call it a conviction toward certain goals – enthusiasm brings light into the world. If you’re in business, the good news is – enthusiasm sells. People buy energy. If there is one thing that I’ve learned about working with the Thrivetime Show, no one wants to be around low energy, certainly not people offering you money. 


At the Thrivetime Show, we go above and beyond to create an experience that brings joy to people.


One of the reasons that I am writing about this in my blog post today is because we go above and beyond to make sure that we provide for all of our business conference attendees a phenomenal time. One of the things that they say every time at our Thrivetime Show Business Workshop is that we all have enthusiasm. Clay, our business coach team, our clients – it’s crazy high-energy enthusiasm. You can see a love for business again. A revival of love for business owners in every industry, state and various phases of the business life cycle. Some of these people are used to this type of enthusiasm daily for their business, others haven’t had that feeling of hope and actual action items of change to complete. Regardless of the different types of the impact the conference brings, there is no denying it is a laser show of entrepreneurial dragon energy all in one space. There is a lot of winners, and people who want to win all under one roof. 

Another reason I wanted to bring this subject up is that I am on sales scripting and cold calling with one of my clients. If there is one point that I want to get across to every single one of my clients, and you if you’re kindly still reading this blog, it is simply that – enthusiasm sells and because you are on the phone and they cannot see you in person, you HAVE TO make sure the enthusiasm in your voice and conversation is truly heard and picked up on. 

At the Thrivetime Show, we go above and beyond to create an experience that brings joy to people. In life, it’s the same for me. I want to bring positive energy and a Godly light to people. Enthusiasm does this. Enthusiasm can magically turn even the worst day into a better day. 

If enthusiasm means that God is within, I encourage you to bring enthusiasm to your employees. I encourage you to bring enthusiasm to people in the business coach workplace. I encourage you to bring enthusiasm to your customers. I encourage you to bring enthusiasm to your family. Encourage it because the world is much better with more positivity from people like you and me.

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Julea` M. is part of the Thrivetime Show business coaching team. She's passionate about growing businesses and doubles as the 13-point assessment caller for the Thrivetime Show.

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