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Freakin’ Lead

Why are leaders being silent in the face of adversity during this whole, “plandemic” situation? This is a blog about business coaching and entrepreneurship. It’s not a place to start a political controversy, but here I go. This week had a theme for me. Leadership. Leadership – whether you are leading an all-staff meeting, mentoring your employees, and becoming invested in their well-being, growth, and success, or you actually take a stand for something against the norm because you know it is right, I don’t know that leadership is planned. It is not popular. I don’t think leadership is something that most people want. I think it just happens because no one else will do anything. As a business owner, THIS HAS TO BE YOU. 

If you are the mayor of Tulsa, (cough, cough) Mayor GT Bynum, you can get away with being a weak leader. But, no one wants to be a leader anymore so we are stuck with Mayor Bynum. But as a business coaching pro or owner, this will most definitely cost you millions if you do not choose to lead. 


I don’t think leadership is something that most people want. I think it just happens because no one else will do anything.


It’s easy to lead yourself. We do it often. I mean, we naturally look out for our own self-interest. That’s human nature. But the true leaders have a moral compass that they hold tightly, and it never deviates.  As business owners, you must have a sense of leadership, and your compass must be your “why”. Clay said in one of our morning coaching meetings that, “If you are willing to read long documents and operate with morals, politics is easy.” Yet no one wants to run for office. Then we’re shocked when *gasp* the coronavirus forces a mandated mask call by the Mayor of Tulsa.

All you have to do is lead. Leading doesn’t have to be something you spiritualize. You don’t have to read a million books about leadership, although it definitely helps if you do. I am beginning to learn that in these days, simply doing the acts of leadership makes you a pretty solid leader. Especially when a good majority of those standing up to lead our nation and our states, have very poor moral character. 

Who, you ask? Why thank you for asking. I could go on and on about this from a business coaching perspective. But, for time purposes, let’s hit a few big points. Dr. Fauci funded the Wuhan Lab with Millions of US Dollars for a gain of function research from bat coronaviruses. Dr. Fauci is also on the board for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates, is developing a vaccine for the coronavirus. Bill Gates has also been caught frequenting Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Brix are the health officials who encouraged President Trump to shut down the economy. So you realize folks, the people advising us to shut our country down, are pedophiles. These are the leaders we are listening to. That’s a problem. So… FREAKIN’ LEAD!

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