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Squash Your Inner B-Player

The A-Team is Team Consistency.

Team consistency consists of about 3% of the total population. That’s business coach Clay’s theory. Any chance you have of finding an A-Player means you have to interview about 100 people to find three A-Players. That’s not very positive. What’s even worse, and even more eye opening is that even A-Players have B-Player tendencies. Since being an A-Player is super rare, then knowing even the A-Players have some B-Player tendencies holding them back from being even better is not very encouraging. Here is the thing I’ll focus on today, not all entrepreneurs are A-Players. Even the A-Players though, have one or two B-Player tendencies, or habits if you will, that are holding them back.

I could go into details about B-Player tendencies holding me back. You could tell me all about your B-Player tendencies and we could try to justify those few things by saying, “Well I’m super consistent MOST of the time. I do a great job MOST of the time. Compared to other people, I’m DEFINITELY an A-Player.” All of that may be true, but that doesn’t refute the fact that we are not as great as we could be, simply because of some of these B-Player tendencies holding us back from being the best. 


There is one thing, or maybe two or three things holding you back. If you’re being honest with yourself, you know what those are. What are those? Write those down, right now. What are your inner B-Player tendencies that are holding you back from being excellent? You could have a 5 million dollar company instead of a 1 million dollar company if you squash those B-Player tendencies.

Let’s list some of the things that make up A-Players. After all, if we are trying to find one of the areas we are weak in, we as a business coach team needs to know what those are so we can improve. To quickly tie up what an A-Player is from my personal notes from the Thrivetime Show All Staff Monday Meeting hosted by Clay Clark, here’s what we have.

Early to Everything 

You say 5:00, be there at 4:45. 

Take and Organize Notes

Note takers are the money makers.


We can’t be successful if we are spending time searching for everything and losing efficiency. 

Keeps Spaces Clean

I mean come on guys, A-Players simply aren’t dirty people. That’s self-explanatory. 

These are just a few of the qualities that make up an A-Player with the business coach team consistency. I’ll give a personal example here. I am early to everything MOST of the time. Except, for places I don’t want to go to in the first place. I will show up right on time, and if I can get away with it, I will show up late simply because I really don’t want to show up at all. What could be better? I could risk someone hating me to say in the first place, “I’m not coming. Thanks for the invite.” That leaves more times to work on things I want to do for myself, my family, my friends, my faith, etc. Whatever it is that is holding you back from greatness, SQUASH THAT HABIT NOW! Your A-Player will thank you!

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Julea` M. is part of the Thrivetime Show business coaching team. She's passionate about growing businesses and doubles as the 13-point assessment caller for the Thrivetime Show.

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