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Traction vs. Distraction

Traction versus distraction

Everything you do, every person you talk to, every decision you make and everything you choose to spend your time on is either making traction toward the one thing you set out to do, or it’s a distraction and must be handled. When it comes to your business coaching goals, you must know your driving factor. That’s why Clay always starts out his books by having the reader define their goals. For example, in BOOM and Start Here, you define the goal FIRST, then you take action. 


When you begin to see everything as traction versus distraction, you realize that in all actuality, EVERYTHING fits in either one of those two categories.


What happens when goals change as a business coaching client? The thing is, they do. In my mind, I never thought your goals should change. Yet, isn’t adapting your goals or enhancing your goals a good thing? Let me give you a recent example. I have a client that, due to recent events with the unnecessary, unconstitutional, and intentional COVID-19 pandemic brought to you by our lovely Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, and of course China (learn more here), had to completely pivot his business service. 

That being said, his path didn’t change much, luckily. We just implemented the same thing (thank you Clay and Dr. Z) in another business. But what did change? His goals. He realized that with his current business he couldn’t perform service that solved a problem that people would pay for if he couldn’t leave his house. So, he made a little vertical integration action, actually, he completely flipped his business industry entirely. He realized the new business would better serve his goals for his faith, family, friendship, finances, and fun. 

This business coaching client didn’t let the coronavirus distract him permanently. Even if it did become a temporary distraction, he eventually took that and made traction toward a better goal. When you begin to see everything as traction versus distraction, you realize that in all actuality, EVERYTHING fits in either one of those two categories. There is no in-between. 

How do you know if you are gaining traction, or if you are being distracted? Although most of the time, you know – most of the time, your gut feeling is telling you what you already know, I’ll break it down simply. 

    1. Define your f6 goals and the “WHY” behind your goals. 
    2. Determine the certain action steps you must execute that will get you closer to your goals.
    3. Label EVERYTHING else as a distraction. 


That’s it, folks. In everything we do, we either gain traction or it is simply a distraction to the objective at hand. Our goal at the Thrivetime Show is to give you action steps needed to grow, scale, or sell your business. After all, your business is a vehicle to serve you. So whatever you want to do with it, we do help you get there. But sometimes, the action steps don’t matter, if we no longer know where we are going. Take it from someone who knows because of myself and what I see in clients, action items won’t matter because they won’t get done if the goals are not defined.

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Julea` M. is part of the Thrivetime Show business coaching team. She's passionate about growing businesses and doubles as the 13-point assessment caller for the Thrivetime Show.

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