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One of the many blessings of waking up before the Sun as a business coach is FOG, aka condensation of atmospheric water vapor that is low to the surface of Earth in the early morning. Driving through this very thick fog early in the morning and one might find themselves in a mild to major panic. Why, we ask? Is it because we are unable to see more than 10FT in front of our car? Or how about the fact that other vehicles are on the road traveling 65 miles per hour with limited to no visibility? Whatever the reason for the increased heart rate, it must be disregarded in order to get to work, home, or wherever we are needing to be. Right? We can expect relative conditions, factors, and feelings when growing businesses or chasing a personal goal. It is imperative to maintain a clear view of our influencers, tools, and key performance indicators towards our goals just like we would the lane markers, street lights, and surrounding vehicles on the interstate. The reward that awaits at the destination must outweigh the risk of the journey in order to obtain the necessary focus. 


In addition to keeping a clear view of the road we are currently on, we must also know when to maneuver ourselves to a better position. This will mean getting out of a comfort zone to inch towards an improved state. Whether it is getting a business off the ground, gathering more reviews for your business coach Google listing, completing action items on a business coaching agenda, or even simply getting off our took us to exert some BOOM!! These tasks require our complete focus and trust in the process like we do behind the wheel of a 2000lb+ vehicle together every day. Meaning, we work together to protect our travel towards that destination. The use of the blinker is imperative. 


Why are there lane markers, medians, and pylons on the roads we take every day? Are they there for our safety, efficiency, or useless aesthetics? In theory and most likely the best explanation for these markers are to manage traffic and provide a safe way to travel for everyone involved. That being said, does that mean we’ve not experienced a BAD driver swerving all over the road or how about that heavy 5 PM traffic on the way home. Of course, we have. Let this be an example of how we must maneuver up the path to any type of success. Especially business success that requires adaptability like we need the fog lights on a car to assist in the view of the lane markers.

In the end, it is a major key to a healthy life to know how to identify the way to properly drive off a cliff in order not to. Fog or no fog, We either stay on the business coach road to the destination and act on life with the intent to get there in one piece.

Keep moving towards the destination with focus and skill to success, day after day.

A wise man mentioned very clearly. “Do you know what the best ability is? Availability”

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Adrian H.

Adrian H. is the office teddy bear and manager of the Elephant in the Room call center. With a sense of humor and enthusiasm for life that rivals ALF, he consistently brings the energy needed to help businesses succeed.

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