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Timing The Jumps

If you grew up like me before I was a business coach, skipping rope for fun served many purposes. It was the best way to get the heart rate up really quick for a workout, compete with friends for bragging rights, or even settle a heated debate. Why would skipping rope be relative to my week? Ill gladly explain. This week was a rollercoaster of events that required me to make several “jumps” in my energy, calendar adjustments, and on fire action items. Frankly, It was and will always be a daily battle. I state this because it is important to remember to keep your fist up and stay on your course. Growing businesses requires a clear vision of the intended future as well as a blind discipline to fulfill the necessary duties of the business coach present. A dynamic situation indeed. It will test your patience with your skills and knowledge. The reward to that test, is the ability to execute well when the next dynamic situation arises. Though i know and have been affirmed i am doing well in my career and job, i understand that timing is everything and i must master this to the highest degree with all my effort as i would skipping rope for a jump rope competition. 

Gaining Speed

Timing comes heavily into play when there are certain results needed to be had. For our Business Coaching program, those results will range from gathering more reviews quickly to increase the opportunity for more leads, conducting a group interview to hire an A player, or making sure your team is following the call script without sounding like a hostage victim negotiating their own release. These results are key to the operation of a growing business. It is imperative to build a business coach reputation for your business that can be easily trusted through the many positive reviews your past clients leave on your Google business listing. Light a fire under your tookus to get those reviews in as fast as possible. This will raise the ceiling on your reputation, company culture, and the business systems that will reward you with time and money freedom.

Sweat Dripping Service

One of the most frustrating moments is when you keep missing a rope skip. Simply dropping the rope and quitting is easy to act on. It is the numerous failures that causes the earned success of a win. Only after 1000+ times of doing something can you begin mastering anything. Get comfortable and passionate with the process of executing. Business coach Carlton Pearson mentions, “When you’re sweaty, they’re ready”. What does this mean? It means your audience (customers) will be far more prepared to accept your instructions or buy what you are selling when you’ve gone above and beyond in your presentation, sales pitch, or performance. You must incorporate this super move to succeed in your business and goals in life. Put this move to work on your next cold call or business presentation and see the difference with how your idea or product is received. So it pays dividends to be on your toes, ready to jump on the opportunities you earn by making your mission to be prepared for success in all aspects. Time is not an enemy for the intentional.

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Adrian H.

Adrian H. is the office teddy bear and manager of the Elephant in the Room call center. With a sense of humor and enthusiasm for life that rivals ALF, he consistently brings the energy needed to help businesses succeed.

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