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This week was an interesting one. There were many moments where I found myself deep in business coach flow states with no thoughts or conditions from feelings. This may sound depressing if you can not relate to the focus this allows. I’ve learned that being intentional about accomplishing goals leads to you zero in on targets in order to produce results. In hunting, the intention is to take an animal’s life to nourish our bodies and sustain our families. The end result is easily said and understood yet there aren’t many hunters or advocates of hunting. Similar to those few who chase goals or advocate an intentional life for others. I make the connection with hunting and “Chasing” your goals because that’s how I personally am able to see it. One of my big goals is to build an incredible ranch that brings happiness to my family, security for my wealth, space to play and reflects beauty to the world. It is going to take a sharp arrow and a clean breath to make that kill. I want to speak to you on how that is possible for you in any aspect of want in your life.



Here is a simple challenge I’d like to propose that will bring clarity to the things you want and the decisions your spirit tells you to make. Close your eyes wherever you are and imagine the last 7 years of your life up to the moment of your death. Think about the house you live in. Look at the car you drive. Do you have a family? How many kids do you see having? How old are you? In what condition is your financial wealth, physical health, and mental health in? This image is universally unique to you and you only. There is no other person in existence that sees what you see. For that reason alone you must take the vision seriously. God blessed this special ability in all of his children on earth in order to guide us towards his word and eternal love. Take this gift and manifest it. No one other human is able to see your target. No other human is able to achieve it for you. 



When you’ve received answers to the questions above and picked up on the minor details that tie it in altogether. List those answers and details to those questions as tangible action items/goals you need to achieve to build those “last 7 years of your life.” That is when the hunt begins. If you are like me and have hunted a few times, then you know the importance of staying silent on the trail and your position to the wind at all times. Failing to do so will spook your target and you’ll be forced to redirect your hunt. I’ve begun to see the similarity with this in my chase towards my goals. I speak a few words for the purpose of staying silent on my trail to my targets. I position myself around business coach teams that are on their own unique hunt, know how to nock an arrow, able to steady a drawn breath, and can release the energy necessary to drop their targets one by one. Leading them to the ability to help business owners on their hunts.



The gift of vision and ability to act is the capstone I want you to take from this brief comparison between hunting a deer and hunting your goals. Hunters enjoy displaying pieces of their kills on their walls. Why is this important to know when getting business coaching? Your business coach is the hunting guide that will help you sight in on your goals, tell you where to stand against your competition, and show you how to track the wins. If luck is earned and you are able to bag your target goal, the next step is to process that goal. Do this by measuring the journey, documenting the results, refine improvements, and savor the bounty of blessings you earned. Shortly after, ready your gear for the next one. There is NO OFF-SEASON in goal hunting.

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Adrian H.

Adrian H. is the office teddy bear and manager of the Elephant in the Room call center. With a sense of humor and enthusiasm for life that rivals ALF, he consistently brings the energy needed to help businesses succeed.

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