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Something this week has reminded me as a business coach is how important the culture in your company is. The common denominator is the diligence that the employees in the Thrive office display every day. The beginning of the workweek starts off with an all-staff morning meeting that allows everyone to see one another, discuss their weekends, and develop friendships in the workplace. If you’re a part of the majority of people who have worked in an office with toxic personnel, like myself, then you can see how a Monday morning meeting could go bad. The difference in this meeting is that it is intentional and looked forward to by the staff. It honestly is a breath of fresh air knowing I’ll get to see the team in entirety whether we need something from each other or not. I believe it is a major key to have your senior-most employees speak to and have the opportunity to mentor the new employees that are developing skills here and bringing new positivity in the office. 

Your Employees Are Watching Each Other

In my opinion, the best part about having a great company culture is that it helps cull the good business coach employees from the bad employees almost effortlessly. If your colleague is a righteous person and you aren’t so righteous, you know that you must change your behavior or you will not be able to work well with them. The same goes in vise versa where you are a great person with a positive attitude and a new employee in the office is a slacker with negative character traits like punctuality and lack of goals. You will not invest much of your time into them because you know they either do not want to or are able to contribute to the solution-oriented culture of your workplace. I urge the business owners who read this to look in their own company’s culture to analyze how your employees contribute to the type of workplace you seek results from. Now, I do understand that most employees will have a learning curve on how the office works. Make it as easy as possible and foolproof to misunderstand the results you need to accomplish the company’s goals. A high percentage of these goals should directly benefit the employee and the culture of the company. 


Manipulate Success

Understanding that most people go from one job to another and one boss to another with minor expectations like getting paid well and a nice office to go to. Formulate a business coach culture that will challenge your employees to require more than the current workplace can offer. I know we’ve all been led to believe that the longer you are in a job the better off you’ll be. The veil of deceit has been lifted off my eyes enough to see that employers must develop their best employees to be leaders of all types to increase the return of investing their business systems and space in the office for them. It is a privilege to work at a great place like Make Your Life Epic with genius minds like Jonathan Kellys, Big Cahones like Clay Clarks, and all the diligent hands that work these computers every day. The cost of not developing a positive company culture will drain your energy, good employees, and profits with one bad employee at a time. Audit your culture and instill daily greatness in your team.

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Adrian H. is the office teddy bear and manager of the Elephant in the Room call center. With a sense of humor and enthusiasm for life that rivals ALF, he consistently brings the energy needed to help businesses succeed.

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