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Compartmentalize Weakness And Systemize Strength

As a business coach, I recently found out that it is crucial to leverage your strengths to overcome the weaknesses in your “game.” I define one’s “game” as the methods of doing things, the attitude expressed when everyone is looking, and the character when no one is. I find it imperative to periodically audit these attributes with the people you associate yourself with often. It does not matter whether they are friends, family, employees, business partners, spouses, or strangers. The danger of not doing so will compound over time. Especially with friends, family, and business networks. The people closest to you will either nourish or deprive your “game.” We’ve become too comfortable using the term “toxic” to describe negative people without truly understanding the characteristics to find it our own network of humans we talk to every day. The weakness in their “game” will slowly present itself over time through both adversity and prosperity. I’ve audited my “game” religiously daily since grade school. I am my worst critic. I believe it must be this way to truly act on the external criticism we receive from others. Sports and the streets showed me the way people’s character WILL vary from on the field to off the field. We ALL must see the hours we’re at work or working with a business coaching program as “game time.” It has definitely protected my sanity and brought many blessings. I believe, God loves and blesses the humans that seek to preserve life and help nourish the souls that surround us in a ripple effect with our own spirit guiding our efforts. 


The Point Of Out-Working Everyone

Competitiveness can be projected upon us as an egotistical or self-centered attribute in people. This is not the true image of competitiveness.  Competitiveness is also the exact factor that allows the human race to sustain itself and even progress overall when people work together on important things like building houses, running a grocery store, or making new technologies. There are people that want more and better for themselves and their families. Is this a good or bad thing for you? Ask yourself. If I don’t achieve what’s necessary for the prosperity of my family and myself, then who will?! Until joining the Thrive business coach team, this question was often sidelined by most people I’ve encountered in my life through their actions I now see as drifting. The Thrive team brought me a big breath of fresh air by blessing me with an environment of truly exceptional people with great work ethic I can compete and contribute with. I often found that I outworked those around me fairly easily. That is until The Thrivetime Show office showed me what a competitive group of business coach people are capable of. Even with the perspective of playing a violent group sport like football. The true fight begins when we decide to set goals and lead ourselves. We must build our lives with intense focus and drive. The best way to push a car is with many short and strong steps. Chop Chop Chop your feet!


Benefits Of Not Listening To Negativity

Once you accept that positivity and results is the only thing that matters to your evolution as an optimal man or woman on planet Earth, the universe begins to bend in ways that support our intentions. I’ve been surprised several times as it happens to me. There are moments when I’ve experienced a spontaneous problem or began working on an action item on my to-do list where negativity begins to surface in my thoughts. Whether it’s the very problem itself or the amount of work we are facing, it is extremely beneficial to a mentally stiff arm that negativity immediately. Frankly, what I would love to propose to do when encountering a negative person is to promptly and precisely apply a strong American stiff-arm to that person’s face to let them know to stop being negative. Deploy this super move at your local office space or Thanksgiving dinner for fast results. Ready the foundation for the type of life you are pursuing with positive people, consistent systems, and diligence to continue driving through the internal and external negativity. Defend yourself at all times. 

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Adrian H.

Adrian H. is the office teddy bear and manager of the Elephant in the Room call center. With a sense of humor and enthusiasm for life that rivals ALF, he consistently brings the energy needed to help businesses succeed.

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