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Call Your Leads!!

This is my first week shadowing as a business coach. In my first week, I have come to learn that it is very important that sales calls get completed every day for a growing business; that NO lead goes uncalled. Not making the calls necessary to get sales would mean that the company misses out on any possible sales, and that means a loss of money, which also means the company is not winning. I also learned that it is extremely important that alongside sales calls, to make sure that your company has its google map operational because not getting found on Google and not getting reviews means that your company is not going to be getting ranked higher as Google indexes the internet. Being found on the first page of Google will better the odds of leads and sales because honestly there are very few people who will actually go to the second page of Google to get what they need.


If a company is not getting reviews or making the calls necessary then the company will not grow and it will lose out on money.


Coming from management at Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge, we ask every customer that comes in to leave a google review, this is why when you Google “Men’s Haircuts Tulsa” we are one of the first things to pop up. While some people do not think reviews matter, that is absolutely wrong, tons of people will Google a company and read reviews before coming in. When I ask a first time customer at Elephant in the Room how they heard about us, it would be easy to estimate that over 60% of people respond with “I google-searched for haircuts and you guys popped up at the top and have the most and best reviews.” If a company is not getting reviews or making the calls necessary then the company will not grow and it will lose out on money.

I have also learned that none of this can be accomplished unless the leadership of the company has due diligence to see that these tasks are completed every day. I have greatly enjoyed my first week as a business coach and I have realized that a lot of the small repetitive tasks of a company are exactly what makes a company succeed. If people are not able to get the small repeatable tasks done then the tasks that come after will seem impossible. It is vitally important that each and every business owner understands that when it comes to the success of a company there is going to be tasks that are extremely boring and do require time to be scheduled to complete said tasks.

The longer the action items of a company are procrastinated on the longer it will take a company to see the success it is aiming to achieve. Like I said before, without the due diligence of the leadership of a company making sure these powerful little tasks get done, and without scheduling a time to accomplish the tasks the business will just be taking steps backward. If you are a business owner or trying to become a business owner then it is important to create an agenda and make sure to get the most important tasks are done first and ensure that the action items on your agenda are items that are going to create forward motion for the success of the company. Do not get sidetracked by irrelevant tasks that do not promote success for the company.


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