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You Have to Want Success

This is my 2nd week shadowing as a business coach, I have embedded in my head that: Reviews, Content, Mobile, Canonical are the 4 ways to get to the top of Google, as I talked about previously how important it is to get your Google map up as well as getting customers to leave a review for your business. Aside from memorizing the four things to get to the top of Google, and ensuring that those 4 things are completed. This week I learned how important it is that every day no matter what you as a business owner make sure that all leads get called and that making sales is the bloodline of your business. This is typically where diligent doers can really excel and where happy hopers will talk their way out of not getting leads called and sales closed.

If leads are not called then be prepared to ask yourself as a business owner, “Why am I not making any money?” You MUST call the leads because inside of all of the “NO’s” comes the “YES” that will motivate you over and over to keep getting “YES” and generate income for your business. When you are trying to sell your product or service you must be prepared to try and sell to your ideal and likely buyer until they “Cry, Buy, or Die” because when you do not sell your product or service you do not make money, which means you have no way to pay the bills. You have to want the success for your company more than anyone else, entrepreneurs compete for a very small sliver of true time and financial freedom because there are so many people trying to be self-employed.

I have realized that the processes of repetitive, simple, tasks, like calling leads and asking for reviews seem so simple that there are tons of businesses that don’t actually do the tasks. If they do then it is typically not at the rate it takes to generate the money necessary to keep your company afloat. When making sales calls it is important to make sure you reach out to the “Dream 100” these are the potential clients that you really want to buy your product or service. Do not let any ideal and likely buyer go uncontacted about your products or services. If you want success bad enough you will wake up and become a diligent doer and get repetitive, simple tasks completed so you can accomplish your life goals. While listening to the ThriveTime Show podcast this week, I heard Clay speaking to Eric Thomas, a motivational speaker who if you haven’t heard about him the finds the business coach led podcast on the ThriveTime show with Clay Clark and Eric Thomas The Hip Hop Preacher and listen to it. Eric Thomas talks about wanting to succeed as bad as you want to breathe because you can only go without breathing for a moment.


If leads are not called then be prepared to ask yourself as a business owner, “Why am I not making any money?”


You have to want success for yourself and your company more than anyone else, because it is not anyone else’s plan or mission, only yourself. Wrapping up, Reviews, Content, Mobile, Canonical, the four things that have to be accomplished to be at the top of Google. As well as Sales are the bloodline to your company it is up to you and you alone to keep that pumping by making sure that each and every lead is contacted and that you sell until the “Cry, Buy, or Die.” and if you are ever unmotivated to get the simple and repetitive tasks out of the way to just check out the ThriveTime Show podcast with Clay Clark and Eric Thomas and you will be motivated to be the best YOU, you can be. 

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