Will this system work for my landscaping company?

Business Coaching for Landscaping Companies

My name is Kadie and we’ve worked with Clay Clark for just about a year now. I would describe the Clay Clark Business Coaching for Landscaping Companies experience as a, kind of a wild ride. There’s been ups and downs, just like with any business, but he’s brought some ideas to the table. And then when we needed kind of, some corrections, he’s helped us with that too.

For anyone who’s never been through a weekly business meeting with Clay, it’s actually kind of fun. We laugh, but the cool thing is for us as business owners, we’re all so busy, is an opportunity each week for us to regroup, and to focus on the agenda and to, not only be held accountable but to decide what things are working and what’s not.

Clay and his team provide us with action items so that we can stay organized, and we’re ready for the next day, ready for the next week. They help us to be productive in that way.

Some of those items might be gathering reviews because they take personal relationships. Some of them might be creating systems that work for our specific business also. And so they have helped us with those things, as well as take  a bunch of those action items that we’re wasting our time, off of our plate.

I would definitely recommend Clay Clark and his team for anyone looking for a Business Coaching for Landscaping Companies program because as entrepreneurs we’re so busy and so distracted, and it’s easy to get, kind of, caught up in the things that are not producing income. And so I know for us, it’s changed us in a way that we can stay structured, and we can make sure that every minute of our time that’s away from our families is producing income through our business. 

Hey everybody, my name’s Shawn Guier. The name of my business is Native Turf. We sell sod, installation and delivery and more important than that we can renovate your entire lawn in 24 hours. Most people can’t do that. So, that’s something fantastic we do.

Well, typically the problem with most startups and this company are only been a couple of years old is cash flow. We’ve always had problems with cash flow because people want a bunch of work done and then it gets slow, and then we need to do a bunch more work, and it’s hard to keep the money coming in. So, after my first coaching session, he told me “Let’s stop doing that. Why don’t you say this.” He told me what to say and how to treat the customer to get the customer to finance my business. That one thing has created way more cash flow in the last two weeks, and I’m feeling fantastic. Number one practicality. Things that you go in, you sit down, and you do practical things. You go in and you implement practical changes, and things happen like money.


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