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Hi, I’m Bridgett with Rescue Heat and Air in Claremore. I just wanted to take a second and share with you the positive experience that I have had. The Thrive Business Coaching for Contractors Program took over our marketing account a little over a month ago and it has worked on increasing our presence on Google. It has been overwhelming, the response that we have had. They have been amazing in getting our presence on Google out there. Not only that, but Robert has also been great at helping us with just little minor things, just to keep our business going and to really add a little extra flair to it. So I just want to say, it has been just absolutely amazing for our company.

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Mark: Hey everybody, my name is Mark and my wife and I own Best Choice Auto Glass. Just want to take this opportunity to say how excited that we are to work with Eric and Thrive Business Coaching for Contractors Program. We’ve been with them now for several months, and we have the confidence now that we can run our business and run it profitably with the help from them and their expertise. We appreciate the upbeat atmosphere there, and they’ve helped us in so many ways to understand more about our marketing and branding and SEO and accounting and so many things. So I would recommend Thrive to anybody needing that kind of expertise and by the way, boom.

“It’s been a real phenomenal growth this year.”

My name is Shawn Klhar and I’ve worked with Clay Clark for about a year now. I would describe the experience with Clay as something that is really unique and phenomenal. Just the systems and processes that they have in place, they help you put in place has been real instrumental in helping us grow our business. It’s been a real phenomenal growth this year. The weekly meeting helps you stay on track, again, to follow the systems and processes that Clay puts in place. For me, personally, I enjoy the weekly meetings. It’s kind of like a shot in the arm of adrenaline. I just want to go out there and get after it and work hard and get things done.

As far as action items that Clay and his Business Coaching for Contractors Program team has provided for us, it’s action items as far as getting Google reviews, following up with our leads, just the systems, again, that every day grind of doing the same thing over and over, and being consistent. I would say, personally for me, I would say that I would recommend Clay and Thrive15 to anyone. I think what makes Thrive15 so unique is that not only are they your business coach, but I truly feel like a sense of a partnership there. I truly feel like Clay and his team are a partner in your business to help you grow that business and want you to succeed. 

“We set records for the best day, the best week, the best month, the best quarter and the best year last year.”

We’ve just set a record for the biggest January we’ve ever had. We set records for the best day, the best week, the best month, the best quarter and the best year last year. And year-to-date, it’s only January 30th. We’re up 59% over last year. That’s what’s happened. I am Chris De Jesus, Company is Breakout Creative. I wanted to tell you a little story. First of all I came across the Thrive business coach program last June or July, signed on board and we’ve worked together for the last six or seven months. Let me tell you what’s happened. In the last six months we’ve, number one, implemented a comprehensive shop calendar, scheduling all of our jobs. Number two, entered time tracking productivity work sheets for every person which everybody could see holding everyone accountable to the team. Number three, we’ve implemented an incoming lead tracking system for leads that come in every week, every month, so we know what’s happening in every stage of the lead cycle. Number four, we launched a website, a website that’s generating some good results for us and then last but not least, where we’re at now is we’re doing SEO and where we’re beginning is with Google reviews.

Let me be clear, we began with one Google review and I think it was the owners, the previous owner’s mother. We’re at 82 reviews on Google right now. All of them five star. So what’s happening? We’ve doubled our incoming leads. Number two, we’ve just set a record for the biggest January we’ve ever had. We set records for the best day, the best week, the best month, the best quarter, and the best year last year and year-to-date it’s only January 30th we’re up 59% over last year. That’s what happened. Now a guy like me, very, very arrogant and very, very hesitant to hire a coach. After all, we all know it all don’t we? So what I will tell you is that everybody does need a coach. What I will tell you is it’s working. My team is more engaged, we have more leads, we’re making more sales and we’re on the verge of doing something special. So this is Break Out Creative, I’m Chris De Jesus, thank you very much. Robert, Clay, Marshall, the whole Thrive community, appreciate you guys, look forward for great things to come. Thank you very much. Have a good day.

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