Will this system work for my remodeling business?

Business Coaching for Remodeling Companies

“I’m getting all the leads I need.”

My name is John Carter and I’m with John Connor Bathrooms and I have been working with Thrive in their business coaching for remodeling companies program for a little under three months. The most and biggest, you know, if I can break it down to the core, is the emotional part about it. I’ve been doing everything on my own, reading and everything, studying books and everything over the first three years of my business. And I’ve paid thousands of dollars to marketing businesses, online marketing businesses, all these different types of businesses, Valpak, all this different stuff. And none of it’s ever really done anything for me.

But in the last three months, I have made years and leap forward into the future with my own business because now, I’m getting all the leads I need. I have the opportunity to do what I like doing and that is closing deals and I’m also developing my business. And they’ve helped me break down my business and opened up like a blueprint of it and I can see the functions of their business. 

It’s just like they’ve already figured out so many things and they’re just giving me the help to participate and see what they’re doing and also helping me build my business structure the same like their business structure. see so much in the future of my business going forward with this.

It’s basically helped my mentality with … With me, it’s important to help clients and keeping clients happy. In order to do that, there’s a lot of hoops that you got to jump through. And one of those ones is that I had a certain way of doing business and now, with the help of Thrive, I’m doing business way better because my client is still my top priority and I can actually over deliver now and be true to my promises that I make. I want to start off like this. I’m a small business owner. I don’t have a lot of money. I want to grow my business and I was willing to give all of my profits and everything I had, even taking less money for myself in order to grow my business. And it’s scary when you start out and you’re like, they ask you, this is what they’re going to do. They show you all this stuff and it’s hard to believe in something that you don’t know if it’s going to work for you. But I took the leap of faith and I paid their fee. And I’ve worked with Marshall over the couple of months that I have and that’s really helped me. Like, I believe in it and yep.

“I would definitely recommend to other business owners.”

My name is Ryan Kilday and I’m from Colorado Springs, and I’m the owner of C & R Contracting and Remodeling. The things I like about the Thrivetime Show business coaching for remodeling companies program is that they are very easy to work with. They’re very knowledgeable on marketing for your business, and they’re very flexible with working around my schedule, which makes it really easy. Some of the services they’ve offered me are, they’re building a website for the company. They’ve worked with my Google listing account, and just a bunch of other marketing.

Some of the ways my business has already grown, I’ve already started receiving calls from the Google listing, which was pretty surprising, because that’s only been up for the past couple months, so that was really exciting. I would definitely recommend to other business owners because, as I said before, they’re very knowledgeable about marketing your business, and not everybody is skilled at doing that. That was very difficult for me to figure out, and they were very helpful.


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