Will this system work for my bakery business?

Business Coaching for Bakeries

“Our sales are 50% plus what they were a year ago.”

I baked from home for years as I was raising my children and teaching. It was there that people continually said year after year, “Kat, you really need to go into business. You should open a bakery.” And I’m thinking, “I don’t have time to open a bakery. I’m raising two kids, I’m getting my master’s degree. Not to mention I know nothing about business.” Here I am, I’m super thrilled. My little bakery is being built in Bixby and all is well. We moved into the new bakery, the excitement is like over the top. Three weeks into it my husband and I separate. Talk about a blow. That was the most difficult thing I had experienced to date. I had that blow and I did have to make a decision. Am I going to be a big girl? Am I going to get better or am I going to give up? I couldn’t give up, I’m a divorced woman. I have to earn a living and so 18 hour days, bring it on. Let’s do this thing. Four years later my business partner’s husband, Deemer, asked me a question one day. He said, “Kat, are you going to continue treating this business as a hobby or are you going to treat it like a business?” That was huge for me. That was super significant. Pushing me to get help, pushing me to find a way to make it work. I had several people encouraging me to become a thriver with the Thrivetime Show business coaching for bakeries program and it was without question the pivotal moment in my business. I went from lacking some confidence to becoming empowered through knowledge of how to grow a business. Our sales are 50% plus what they were a year ago. I feel I’ve regained confidence in myself as an entrepreneur and in my business. Becoming educated through the business coaching program and Clay Clark is what made the difference.  

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