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Business Coaching for Fitness Companies

“His brain is just a wealth of knowledge”

Hi. This is Charles and Amber Colaw. We’re the owners of Colaw Fitness.

We heard about Clay Clark through Paul Hood, our CPA. We’ve worked with Clay Clark in the business coaching for fitness companies program for the last two yeas. Clay Clark has helped us take our three locations in three different states and create checklists, workflows, task lists, time blocks for every employee. He’s helped us with creating systems and audits for every department, quantitative scorecards for each department and every position, so that everybody has a number. It’s been able to give us a lot of time freedom and financial freedom and peace of mind to know that everything’s running efficiently.

He’s been helpful with a lot of marketing, search engine optimization, helping us really rate high on Google, and pretty much every area of the business. He’s been very, very helpful.

We would describe the experience of working with Clay as very energetic. He’s full of energy, he’s very encouraging, very motivating, but also accountable. So he keeps us accountable and we love that accountability. It keeps our drive in the right direction, so we’re not chasing things that aren’t worth spending our time on.

Yeah, he’s a great coach. He helps push us on certain areas, helps coach us in certain areas. We’re all emotional creatures and we go up and down, and he actually will tell us where we’re out, how we can get from there. Even emotionally, like when we’re stressed about something, he’ll have a story to relate to, and it really helps us in every area of our business. It’s been very, very helpful.

I think Clay’s ability to have a whole business coaching for fitness companies team behind him, that help him with all of his clients, all his coaching clients, is that it allows Clay to do what he’s really good at, and that’s working one on one with the client and coaching them. Then he can have his amazing staff come in and help you accomplish all these goals that you’re setting.

Of course, he has all these resources, whether it’s videographers or whether it’s web developers, but they can quickly jump on your project, knock things out. He can quickly give you the right coaching. He’s just got a whole team of people, that whatever area you’re lacking in, in your own company, he’s got resources from video, web design, search engine guys who are just knowledgeable in that. Even though he knows a lot of that stuff, he’s got these capable lieutenants that are ready to just take off and help you get that stuff … More stuff gets done on a weekly basis than you would on probably most-

Yeah, than the individual or some other … We’ve worked with several companies before that just not as many things get done on a weekly basis. So it’s been very helpful.

The business conferences, for me, I’m a slow learner, so I have to learn over and over again, hear things over and over again. I’ve been to I think eight different conferences and each time you come I learn a few new components. Some things are repetitive, but a lot of the stuff just resettles and I get a little bit more depth with each component. I mean, I’ve been to eight of them. They’re all super entertaining. He’s very funny, very encouraging. He gets you to self-reflect a lot, a lot of the stuff is really polarizing. You do a personal inventory of yourself and you’ll think like, “Hey, I’ve really got to work on this, really got to work on that.”

Every time you come, I still get a lot of value out of it.

As much as every conference is the same, it’s totally different. I think we’ll hear stories we haven’t heard before. He’ll have entertainment or he’ll have speakers he didn’t have before. Like you said, you just always catch a different part of the material that maybe you didn’t catch before or it’s worded differently.

Yeah, and it’s really cool because some people you’ve seen like a year ago at a conference, now they’re being showcased as a success story and you get to see their website, you get to see how their stats, all their metrics have improved and the revenue improved. So it’s really cool to see people that just a year ago, of course we’ve been here two years, that just came, that I met, is now being successful. It’s really encouraging to see other people and they accomplish that stuff.


“I think Clay’s ability to have a whole business coaching for fitness companies team behind him, that help him with all of his clients”


Clay has helped us optimize our website and helped with really topping the right search engines that we need, to make sure that we are very, very competitive with all of our other competitors. Basically, he outlines exactly what you need to be accomplishing and he creates tasks that we have to accomplish and his team has to accomplish. I would say over the last two years, we’ve totally ramped our website, we’re topping Google in every one of our markets. We’re just doing, I would say, just doing really, really good. I feel very, very confident in all of our future locations, in making sure that we’re in front of the ideal and likely buyer. It’s very encouraging.

It’s important to me to know when I’m working with Clay, I’ve been in business for a while and met with him even when I already had three business in three different states, and to know that what I share with him is staying private. He’s not sending that out to anybody else, to know that when he’s working with me he’s only working with no other gyms that are in direct competition with me. It’s very encouraging to have somebody you can trust and rely on, that he isn’t going to somehow tell your trade secrets or give information away. Just really awesome that he’s a trustworthy guy, really cares about you as a client.

For us, it’s been a complete mind freedom, because Clay has helped us create a lot of different documents and one-sheets for every department, put quantitative scorecards to each department. So for us, it’s been very encouraging and gives us peace that when … As an entrepreneur it’s stressful. You go to bed at night, you’re worried, did we cover this, did we cover that. He helps extract everything out of your brain, everything from your business, put it into document creation, put it into checklists and workflows for every person and each department, and make sure that everything’s getting done every week, every month, and funnel that all into KPIs, or key performance indicators, that you can see on a weekly basis to make sure you’re moving the needle in the right area of your company.

So very encouraging and give you a complete mind freedom and peace to know that that stuff’s created, so you’re easy to duplicate and scale your company.

Right. And then we can spend time doing what we’re really good at, and just trust the system.

I honestly believe everybody needs a business coach. I think we’re all inherently lazy, and selfish, and carnal. I truly believe that humans are humans. When we’re standing, we’d rather sit. We’re sitting, we’d rather lay down. And if we’re laying down, we’d rather be asleep. To have somebody that challenges you, have real active candor and be honest with you on every aspect of your company, is really, really encouraging to me, because I want to know, I want to work on what we’re weak at.

I want to see in the areas that we’re not doing well in and see his perspective, from a third party, because you can look at your own business and just see the good. It’s good to have somebody who doesn’t, who’s done this with hundreds of companies, really look at your company, reflect on your company, and see little chinks in the armor to make sure you cover that up so your competition can’t get to you and that you’re successful overall in the big picture.

Yes, I would recommend Clay Clark, because he is a great friend, great encourager. To me, he’s been a wonderful friend. You can tell he cares and he also he has such a wealth of knowledge. He’s worked with so many different companies and different businesses in all different industries. He can take a concept that he’s used before in the past with somebody, totally different industry, and see how it would work perfectly for you in whatever niche market you’re in, or whatever type of service you’re providing. His brain is just a wealth of knowledge, and just to have that type of perspective as a part of your team at your own company is huge and super valuable. So I would definitely encourage people to use him.

But one thing is, you’ve got to be coachable. You’ve got to be wanting to get feedback. you’ve got to be wanting to really grow your company. You’ve got to want to put that extra 10 hours a week to working on your business and not just in your business. So, yes, I would recommend it to anybody who’s wanting to grow their company and provide great systems, checklists, workflows, great encouragement, and have accountability.


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