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Business Coaching for Retail Stores

My name’s Adam Beal and I’m the vice president of phone doctors. I’ve been with Phone Doctors for four years now. We’ve been doing work with Clay for the past year in the Business Coaching for Retail Stores program.

When I first met Clay, I was extremely hesitant cause when I saw this guy wearing a hat that said boom on it and a hoodie, I was like, “Okay, what level of professionalism or are we going to be getting here,” when I’m walking into a business meeting for the very first time. The exciting part was that I got it after about two, probably after about the second meeting I understood when I came back in and he was wearing the exact same thing. It was like, okay, I understand why he’s doing this now because I’ve seen so many other successful people model the same thing.

“Not only are you getting more customers coming into your store, but he’s giving you key ways to actually improve the quality of sale once those customers come in.”

The $2,000 a month fee is completely a no brainer as long as you embrace the system because you will see the results. What’s great is when I’m in my stores now and I hear people come into my store and they say, “Hey, are you, Jose?” And my manager says, “Yes,” I am. They say, “Well, we’re here because of the Google review that we saw on your Google page,” and when I hear that, I know what we’re being taught and what we’re executing is working because I’ve never heard that before when I would go into the stores.

Clay’s helped us a lot with our Google reviews, as I’ve spoken to. The Business Coaching for Retail Stores program has helped us with our Google pages as well, making sure that they’re up to date. Any time we need new pictures are taken care of, his team goes out, does that for us. They take great care of our AdWords and we have them writing AdWords and different types of content, writing more content and articles for our webpage, which is driving more and more traffic through our webpage, which in turn is also leading more customers into our stores.
Clay’s team has also helped us look at different ways to challenge our stores, through simple things such as adding on additional upsell items that have no cost of goods related to it, so it’s a pure profit transaction. We just recently implemented an urgent repair that many customers have asked for in the past, but we just didn’t stop and take time to think about it.

Clay challenged us to come up with an idea. He had been thinking about our business, we implemented it, and now all of a sudden we’re seeing more and more people utilize this urgent repair that gets their repair done in 30 minutes or less. And if we don’t meet that time, then they don’t pay anything else. But we’re seeing revenues generate through small little key items such as that.
The greatest focus we’ve had is in upselling and trying to figure out different ways to take the customers that we have and increase the profitability through them. Even though we see transactions being increased, the ability to take something as simple as a protection plan that we’ve implemented, implementing the urgent repair and continuing to look for new ways to generate revenue off the customers that you currently have, while letting them, the Thrive team, drive more customers into your stores. So not only are you getting more customers coming into your store, but he’s giving you key ways to actually improve the quality of sale once those customers come in.

Some of the moves and tips that Clay’s team at Thrive 15 have taught us is to focus on the upsell more than anything. We’ve implemented new urgent repair that allows customers to come in and if they’re in a hurry, they pay a small fee to get that repair moved to the front of the line. We get it done in 30 minutes or less and if we don’t meet that, then they don’t pay anything.
We’ve also focused more on our protection plans and driving those results, which is a simple add on as well and that has led to much more revenue for us because of our redemption rate.

Last year we saw our sales improve, our sales transactions improve, 3% over the previous year. In talking with other retailers in our market, none of them saw that, which was incredibly exciting to us. We just got back from CES about two weeks ago and we were able to find out from about 15 other independent mobile device companies that they all saw down trends last year, and we were very excited to see how well we did last year because we saw our profits and transactions all go up last year.
All right, through Clay’s team here at Thrive 15 they have taken an aggressive step at really helping us improve our search engine optimization through content and writing articles as well as through challenging us in the process of improving our Google reviews. We’ve seen all of our stores in both markets, the Arkansas and Oklahoma market, all go to the top of the Google listings.

Any time you search any type of mobile device repair, cell phone repair, we are at the top, every single city, which is great because we’ve seen that that’s where customers are going to. When they’re going to find somebody that they want to trust, they’re going through Google to see what your rating is, to see how many reviews you have and it is so, so important to make sure that you get that first mark of 50 reviews, then you’ve got to challenge yourself to get to that 100. Every single location of ours has over 100 reviews, except for two new ones that we’ve opened and we continue to see them go even further and further. So, the goal is to take our competition and make them not want to play in that game. And we’ve done that.

Clay’s not … his team at Thrive is not only just a marketing company, their they’re Business Coaching for Retail Stores professionals, true coaches as well, which is great. So many times through my 25 year career in retail, I’ve encountered people like Clay and his team and just never have really got the buy in. But with Clay and his team, they’re genuine. They break it down, they make it simple, they’ve got a proven track record and you walk in and you see the businesses that they’ve developed and it makes it so much easier to really just buy into the program.
The weekly meetings are very structured. You start on time and you finish on time and you’re expected to come prepared with the topics that you were given last week. If you show up and you’re not prepared, the meeting could end very quickly because you’re not doing what you’ve committed to, and that’s the great thing about it, is he keeps you on course. He keeps you focused and you see the results if you do what you’re asked to do.

I never thought I would need a business coach, life coach or Business Coaching for Retail Stores. But it’s great now to every week when I’m talking to people to say, “I’m going to see my business coach this morning,” and they look at me and all of a sudden there’s questions being asked. And we’ve even recommended people and had them come and join the Thrive team, which is been pretty exciting for me as well, because I believe in it and I would never recommend them to a good friend unless I knew it could help.


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