Will this system work for my clinical research company?

Business Coaching for Clinical Research Companies

My name is Tyler Hastings, and this is my wife Rachael and our company is Delricht Research out of New Orleans. During our time working with Thrive and the business coaching for clinical research companies program, we’ve had numerous successes. When we first started, we were working with one physician. We had one research site, and we were seeing on average between 10 and 15 patients a week. Since working with Brad, in the last 18 months, we now have four research sites. We work with over five physicians. On average, we’re now seeing over 60 patients per week. Recently, we’ve been the top enroller worldwide, in seven studies, which is just incredible, considering where we were two years ago, 18 months ago.

Thrive really differs from the other business conferences that we’ve been to, and the other kind of programs that we’ve been through because they actually really practice what they preach, and they implement the same systems, and the processes that they teach you about, and they give you real-life examples that have really worked for them, and show you with the training, how to implement that yourself.

For example, Tyler and I actually got the opportunity to come out to Tulsa and we were fortunate enough that the Thrive team took us out to some of the businesses that they own, and we really got to see, in real life, real time, some of the systems and processes and it was just incredible. A real-life example of some of the businesses and the things that they’re implementing.

Having a business coach is important to us. They act as, not only an accountability factor but they’re someone we can talk to on a daily basis as we go through the problems of running a business that inevitably comes up. They always understand what we’re going through and they always there to help us, guide us through the problems that we experience.

The best part of our experience working with Thrive has just been seeing our relationship grow. So each step, as our business grows, we note they have something else to provide us with. They’ve got the resources, whether it be marketing, graphic design, website development. They’re even into accounting practices. Maybe we need a new insurance policy. They have someone they can connect us with or they have the direct resource we need to speak with for any of the problems we face.

If someone’s thinking about signing up for the coaching program I would highly recommend that they call in for a free 30-minute coaching session and see exactly what the team can do for you. Just speak with someone. Let them know what you’re going through and I think you’ll find that regardless of what you need there is someone there that can help you. 

“He has helped us increase our revenue by over 300% in less than a year.”

He has helped us increase our revenue by over 300% in less than a year Hey Marshall, this is Tyler and Rachel with Dalberg Research. We’re happy to share how instrumental Thrive business coaching for clinical research companies has been in helping us grow our business. Overall, Marshall has been an amazing business coach. He’s helped us with really every aspect of our business from hiring to training to marketing, even accounting, and has really given us practical steps to continuously improve our operations. I know that both Rachel and I really look forward to our call every single week.

Definitely. Marshall has certainly held us accountable. He’s made us both better leaders. I would highly recommend Marshall and Thrive business coaching to any entrepreneur or small business owner that is looking to take their company to the next level. Yeah. Thanks a ton Marshall, really.

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