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Hi. My name is Dr. Melissa Leedy and I’m a clinical psychologist. I run my own business, Legacy Counseling Service, in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. And I’ve used Thrive for a couple months in their business coaching for consultants program now and have really been pleased with their services. They’ve really helped me solidify some of my business processes so that I’m more efficient with my time. They’ve really helped me think about some new marketing strategies so I can stand out against some of my competitors. And really helped me create some no-brainer offers for my clients. They have really allowed us to grow very quickly within just a matter of months. So we definitely recommend Thrive for business coaching and enjoy it. 

“Every time I go, I learn something new.”

Hey. How’s it going? This is Brian with VetHustle.com. I wanted to make this quick video real quick for Thrive15 because I’ve been working with Thrive15 now for a couple of years as an actual student of their platform online. What’s even better is I’ve been a personal business coaching for consultants client and have been working with Marshall now for the past several months, about six months or so, and it’s been a fantastic opportunity. I’ve been to Tulsa, and I’ve gone through their actual business conferences, and I’ve also personally mentored behind Clay Clark, through his daily activities a couple of different times. Every time I go, I learn something new. It’s never the same. It’s been amazing. What’s even been more impressive is the actual creative team. When I need something done, they are helping me with the whole creative aspect, which is great, especially not being a total techno-geek or anything like that. It’s been amazing. I have nothing but good stuff to say to the Thrive15 and my personal coach, working with Thrive.


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