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Business Coaching for Non-Profits

Hey there, this is Vidar Legare with SafariMission.org. I wanted to give a shout out to Clay Clark, Chupp, and all the people over at the Thrive business coaching for non-profits program. Thank you so much for all the help you’ve provided us. Here at SafariMission.org we’re working in Kenya, east Africa. I’m here in Nairobi. Just spent a few days out, far out, on the Somali border.  We have eight Bible colleges here, about 250 students. I’ve been working here for about 13 years. Spent lots and lots of energy. It’s just like a rocket. You’re spending all this energy on the huge boosters trying to get this rocket into orbit. And, in all these years, we finally got to the point where we’ve started creating some systems.

About nine months ago, we became clients of Thrive. They started the business coaching for non-profits program and even though I have a Master’s degree in business and know a lot of this stuff, the coaching aspect has just been phenomenal. And, it helped just some missing puzzle pieces that we had. One of those is now a weekly meeting. We now are back stateside with the family. 

We’re directing and operating all of these campuses from the U.S. And, just with the one or two weekly video conference meetings, we’re able to steer, navigate all of the teams that we have here in Kenya with these 250 students and the administrative staff, about 20 instructors that teach about 150 classes every year.

And, with these weekly meetings, it doesn’t feel like we’re spending the energy of rocket boosters anymore. The rocket is now in orbit, and it’s just phenomenal to be here and be able to visit and watch everything. Seeing all the systems that are working and we can spend a little bit of energy honing those systems and making improvements here and there, but now that we’re in orbit, it’s just fantastic. So, thank you so very much to Clay Clark, to Chupp, to Thrive, and your whole teams for pointing out the weak spots that we had, and then helping us working through those so that we can have the rocket in orbit. Fantastic. We thank you and wonderful.


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