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Hello. I’m Wes Carter. I’m one of the shareholders at Winters & King here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have known Thrive 15 since they were formed. I’ve been working with Clay Clark, one of the founders, for a very long time. My favorite thing that Thrive has helped me accomplish here in our firm is thinking a little bit outside of the box. They do SEO, they do the printing. They help us with a lot of things that are from day-to-day marketing for the firm. But they also help us think of things that as attorneys we probably wouldn’t normally think of to help us market our services to our clients.

One of the things I love about working with Thrive as part of their business coaching for attorneys is that they make it enjoyable to actually do work with them. It’s not dry. It’s usually fun, but it’s always very enjoyable and practical. They give me things and ideas that I can put into place. It’s not just some theoretic spiel that they give me. We give practical steps that we work on together to do my job better.  Me personally, I would easily recommend Thrive 15 services to my friends, my families. I’d recommend them to my clients. I think they do a good job. They’re passionate. They care about their clients, and I think it’s actually a valuable service they provide to people that are in the business world. 

“It really does work.”

Hey, there. My name is Stephen Cale and I am a criminal defense attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I just want to share with you a little bit some things about how thrive15.com has helped me in their Business Coaching for Attorneys program . Especially with some systems that they helped me implement. And I’m going to go over those for just a second.

One of the things that they encouraged me to do and that I did do was to get Google reviews. You can’t discount the importance of Google reviews. People make decisions, whether they’re buying a product or seeking out a service based on reviews. And if they see good google reviews, they’re going to tend to contact you. In fact, today, I had a guy call me. He needed an attorney. And I asked him how he found me. He said, “Well, I saw all your Google reviews and so I gave you a call.” I had more Google reviews and five star Google reviews than any other attorney that he was seeking out. And that was important to him so he called me. In fact, I booked an appointment with him. So don’t discount Google reviews. They’re very important. And that’s one of the various systems that the people at thrive15.com will help you with.

Secondly is boosting my Google ranking. When you do a search for a service or product, whatever it is, you’re going to see a list of companies, services, products. And then you can go to the next page, and the next page, and the next page. But you really want to be number one. You want to be at the top. You want to be at the first page. And so the people and the team at trive15.com has helped me with a world-class logo, built an excellent website for me, and they’re helping me with my search engine optimization. They’re boosting the ranking that my web page is getting. That’s going to build me up on the rank as far as pages go. So started out very low and my ranking is increasing and increasing.

So and then thirdly, and I never really thought about this as a system of having a sales script. Now maybe you’re good at closing a deal. But there are ways to improve closing a deal and getting clients or customers for your needs. And one of those ways is with a sales script. And so I worked with my coach, Marshall Morris, and we developed a sales script, which I use. And it really is handy. You can print it off, you can have it right there. And it will really help you know what to say. It’s custom made for your situation, your product, or service. And it will really help you out as far as communicating what you have to offer your clients or your customers and how they can benefit from what you have to offer.

So Google reviews, Google ranking and search engine optimization, and then the sales script. Those are just one of the few systems that the team at thrive15.com has implemented for me. And then you do the work, they work with you. It’s a team effort. And so I think you’ll really benefit by contacting thrive15.com. Give them a call if you haven’t already. If you are working with them and you’re starting out fresh, let me just encourage you, stick with the systems, be coachable, stick with it, persevere. It really does work. Give it some time. You will see some progress. You’ll start to see some traction. And then you’ll just build up on that momentum, okay? So trust the system, be coachable. If you haven’t already, give the people at thrive15.com a call. Send them an email. And it’ll be one of the best decisions that you ever made to join the Business Coaching for Attorneys program.


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