Will this system work for my restaurant?

Business Coaching for Restaurants

“We have gotten more private catering than we’ve ever had previously.”

We did more sales in July than the previous 12 months combined. Hi. I’m Scott Smilnak, owner of Route 66 Fry Bread, and Thrive is outstanding. They’ve helped us so much, we’re turning down business, the systems work. I’m up at 4:30, 5:00 every morning, working until it’s time to go to work, and I come back home, spend some time with the family and then go back to work on the business. Their Business Coaching for Restaurants systems are outstanding, I have yet to find any flaws or any gaps in the systems when you follow their systems. They just blend, it’s just absolutely phenomenal, well thought-out, lucid. Simple, it’s not difficult.

You just have to put the energy in, listen to these guys, do what they say. It’s a phenomenal situation, they’ve just helped us so much and we’re really appreciative of them. I’ve been listening to the Thrive podcast, for jeez, I don’t know, years now at this point, I guess. And I listen to them on the radio.

Everything they’re saying, they’re doing. And what they say, they do, they do what they say, say what they do, and it’s awesome. Some of the wins, we are in contract with, or we’re about to be in contract with the fairgrounds here in Tulsa. We have gotten more private catering than we’ve ever had previously. We did more sales in July than the previous 12 months combined, and it’s all because of the systems. I’m not taking any credit.

These guys, they’re great guys. Some other guys in the industry, they’re looking for work, trying to find work, struggling to get work. I’m turning work down, and the reason I’m turning work down is because of the Dream 100 list, which if you listen to them, come and see them. Come to some of their seminars, and do what they say, work the list, again, they do exactly what they say they’re going to do. There’s no upsells. It’s really outstanding. There’s a lot of integrity. 

“We now have more money in the bank than we have ever had. “

Hi, this is Dave and Trisha Rich, coming to you from Satellite Beach, Florida.  I have a list of a few of the wins we’ve had since we’ve started with the Thrivetime show business coaching for restaurants program.

We’ve completed group interviews. We’re fully staffed. We’ve received over 100 Google reviews. We’ve increased our Google rating and we now have more money in the bank than we have ever had. Thanks to the Thrive coaches.

Thank you good night.


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