Will this system work for my float center business?

Business Coaching for Float Centers

“We’re up 17% over last year.”

My name is Debra Worthington, I own H2Oasis Float Center and Tea House in The Farm Shopping Center in Tulsa. And I’ve been working with Thrive for about six months now. And working with them has changed the whole way I do business. One of the major improvements that happened was with regard to my website and the leads that come in. We weren’t capturing any leads before Thrive stepped in and now we get leads on a daily basis. Last time I checked, we were over 450 leads. And so I wasn’t expecting that, that was phenomenal. So now on our slower days, we can really work those leads and add to our revenue.

I love my business coach, Eric. He has become such an important part of my life and my business. I wouldn’t want to give him up for anything at this point. So my weekly meetings with him have kept me on task, it’s kept me moving forward, and not getting caught up into the daily grind of my business, and not moving into the direction that I want to. He’s provided me with a level of accountability, so I am always having to get a certain amount of tasks done, and it’s made all the difference.

I would definitely recommend Thrive15 to any local business that doesn’t have their own resources readily available or they don’t have their own marketing expertise, because they’re the whole package. Working with them and partnering with them is like having a whole agency at your disposal. It’s like having a whole team come in, everything from art to videographers, photographers, business strategists, on and on and on. It’s just impacted our bottom line, we’re up 17% over last year already for this year working with Thrive, and we’re not even into our busy season yet. So I would definitely recommend Thrive to anybody who needs a little bit of encouragement, a little help with all the details that they’re struggling with, and to help them with what they don’t know, to position themselves for success.


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