Will this system work for my resort?

Business Coaching for Resorts

“What Clay’s done from year, or month over month, it’s been record-setting every time.”

My name is [Ben Barber 00:00:01], and Long Lake Resort is what we’ve had, the wonderful people here that make your life [inaudible 00:00:07]. Clay is, I guess I would say, borderline infamous around Tulsa for his SEO optimization, and kind of the brand he’s made. I actually … My next door neighbor works with Clay as part of his business coaching for resorts business and so I had reached out to her, and that’s how we got hooked up.

Clay has done wonders for our business, being that we’re in Poteau, Oklahoma, smaller town, with a resort, it’s tough to really move the needle there. And what’s Clay’s done from year, or month over month, it’s been record-setting every time. And, we’re still this month in July, we’re on page to have our highest monthly total ever.

It’s been beneficial to have a one-stop marketing shop, because it saves so much time, efficiency, trust, the relationship you build. It’s not like you have to plan out a week. You know, it’s one hour. You drink out of a fire hydrant, but you get it all done. And it’s with one person, everything right under one roof. So, it’s pretty awesome. Marketing has really changed our lives in sales here. I work with Clay. And Clay and his business coaching for resorts guys, each month has been record-setting for that individual month. And for the month of July this year, we’re going to do more than we’ve ever done for a single month. So, it’d be our best month ever, all thanks to this. Clay and his team are some of the most interesting individuals I ever met. You can’t come in and not smile.

If you come in kind of lacking energy, you’re going to get run out of here. So, it’s always nice if you’re feeling a little down, a little out, they’re always in a good mood. You know they’ve got long days, but they just keep a smile on your face and really, get you going and get you excited about your business.

I would recommend Clay and his team because if you’re in a business where accuracy by volume is kind of your key, so the more feet you get in the door, this is your place. You don’t really understand what can be done until they really open up their exhaust and let it blast out there. I mean, it’ll move the needle, seriously. It’ll change whatever business you’ve got, it’ll really change it.


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