Will this system work for my construction business?

Business Coaching for Construction Companies

My name is Travis Williams, of Williams Contracting. Just got our largest construction management contract today on a public school project, a nine to ten million dollar contract this week. Boom.

“There is no one that they can’t help.”

My name is Mike Sommer. I’m the owner and founder of Hickory Creek Construction.

So, about a year ago I kind of started looking into how to have a better business. I started listening to a lot of books and kind of heard about podcasts. So I actually googled what are the best business podcasts and Thrive came up number one on Google. So I gave them a try, and within a month of listening to them, I was like, “Hey, I gotta be a business coaching for construction companies client. These guys rule. They know what they’re doing. This is going to be great.” My coach is the amazing Victoria. Some of the wins that we’ve had are checklists, that’s the big one. It’s getting everything off of my mind and onto a sheet of paper. It’s no longer wondering, “Hey, did I do this? Did I get this done?”

It’s I can look at the paper and boom, boom, boom, it’s done. Same thing with my team. They never have to wonder like, hey, how would he want this done? It’s on the sheet of paper. This is what’s expected. This is how it comes out and it kills all the awkward conversations, because there was no good communication. I now have a world class website which is phenomenal and 10 years of being in business, I didn’t have a website up until three months ago, so that is just a gigantic win. It’s not just a halfway done a website by my aunt Marge. It is mobile optimized. It is Google optimized. It is beautiful. There is no comparison. The other things, let’s see, I’ve gotten a to do list, you name it. Thrive has helped me do it. I’ve already experienced huge wins in the only three months that I’ve been in the program. 

So, if you are somebody that wants to grow your company and not be run by your company, you actually want to run it. You should give Thrive a call because they have built so many different brands and so many different companies that they can do it for you. They’ve done so many different industries. I was like, how are they going to help me? You know, a construction company, when he’s talking about running DJs, running photographers, but they actually work with people in every single industry and they have helped every single industry. There is no one that they can’t help. So if you want to have a successful business, give them a call. Don’t wait. Get to a business workshop. You name it, you have got to talk to them and join the business coaching for construction companies program!


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